When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 11

Brooke shook her head, was she alive. She blinked, she saw the moon high above her, and the ruins of a train around her, then she remembered, she had been falling of the cliff in the train. Brooke looked up and saw the huge hole the train had fell through, what could of done that.


Then she realized her back pack was thrown off her shoulders during the fall. She started to panic, but it was laying next to her. Brooke opened it, everything was fine, the cats were all asleep, except Shadow, and all her things were intact. Brooke checked her purse to make sure that her turtle was alive. It was.


Brooke stood up and started making her way around the train wreak. The train was demolished, you couldn't even tell that it was a train any more. Then Brooke saw the hair of a young girl poking out from underneath some rubble.... Jordan!!!!


Brooke dug around the hair and uncovered Jorden, cold and bleeding. "Jorden" she whispered, nothing. "Jorden!!" she screamed even louder, again nothing. Brooke checked for a pulse, nothing.


Tears swelled in her eyes, "No! why, why, why!" Brooke screamed, she grabbed her back pack and dug in the rubble for other survivors. She found the driver, but didn't even check for a pulse, he looked dilapidated. There were no survivors Brooke could find, what the chance she would be the only one.


But then the rubble next to her feet moved about a half an inch. Brooke bent down and started digging. She started to uncover some one.... It was Shawn!!!!! Brooke pulled him out, he was bleeding heavily from his left arm, Brooke started to cry again as she hopelessly checked his pulse. Brookes eyes opened wide, Shawn had a pulse. Brooke bent down and picked him up, taking him out of the rubble. She walked until she was to weak and tired to go on. Brooke laid down on the grass and instantly fell asleep.


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