Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 14


    “Why?!” I screamed with tears streaming down my face. “God why do you have to do this to me?!” I looked around at every body. Brice was crying in Alyssa's arms. The noise had startled him. Kelani looked at me with his jaw wide open. “Why would she do this?” he asked with his voice quivering. Michael looked at him in amazement. “It was Zion!” he shouted out loud. Nolan looked at him. “What do you mean it was Zion?” he said. Ruby jumped in. “Zoey loved Zion. She couldn’t see him go. So she went with him.” I had known that they loved each other, but I hadn’t seen it that strong.

    I began to cry even more. So did the rest of them. Even Flossy who had only known them for a short time was bawling. We had had enough and we left the room to leave the two bodies in peace.


    That night Nolan, Michael, and I went up onto the roof and looked at the stars. The silent dark night began to glow. The ember of a cigarette glided across my face. I turned to see a cigarette stuck between Nolan’s lips. I reached over to grab one and a lighter. I pressed down on the lighter and watched it glow. It seemed to mesmerize me. I grabbed it, slid it between my two fingers, and pulled my hand to my mouth. Slowly I began to inhale and exhale the smoke. I was becoming much more calm now.

    “Where did you get those?” asked Michael curiously staring at the camel pack. Nolan looked back at him. “I found them in Ruby’s dresser,” he said as he blew smoke out of his mouth. “Oh... Does your aunt know?” Michael asked. Nolan burst out laughing. “What do you think?!” Nolan laughed some more. Michael looked puzzled. “That’s a no Michael,” I said.

Michael reached for a cigarette and lit it. There we all sat staring into the sky wishing for something good to happen to us. The only stuff that had happened so far was everyone we know and love meeting their end.

I began to think about what Nolan had said that day we crashed in the forest. The day I had lost my dad. “Nothing will ever be the same.” Each day we lived in this hell hole, what he had said became even more true. First Jackson, then Zion, and now Zoey. For all I know I could be the next to die. What about Alyssa? Nolan or Michael could be attacked by those creatures right now. Brice could die anytime. With him being so little, he’s much more vulnerable.

All of these realizations came to me so fast I couldn’t take it. I burst into tears. Nolan and Michael came up behind me and patted me on the back. “I know. It’s been a long day.”

I must have passed during that time. I woke up on the couch wondering where I was and what had happened. I got up and went to the kitchen and saw Ruby cracking eggs into a pan wearing her uniform.

“Making breakfast?” She looked at me. “What does it look like Nathan?” she said. I nodded and sat at the table. “I got to go to work,” she said as she flipped some eggs from the pan onto a plate. She then scarfed down her breakfast and began to walk out the door, but I stopped her. “Ruby…” She looked at me. “Yeah.” “I feel it would be proper to bury Zion and Zoey just before we go.”

Ruby nodded. “Your right,” she said softly. “I’ll wake the others up. You get digging.” I nodded and went to grab a shovel from the shed.

Digging the holes took a while. I had to dig two instead of one and Johnnie isn’t as big as Zion nor Zoey. My hands began to blister by the time I had dug Zions hole.They hurt, but it was worth it for both of them. They were my friends. To me it was sort of like a last favor to them. This is the best thing I can do for them now that they're gone.Eventually both holes had been dug. All ten fingers had split open and were raw.

When we were at their funeral almost no one cried. This was probably because we had already done all of our crying. It was hard to watch as the eulogist spoke about how they were in a better place. I knew that is was true, but I just couldn't bare to see or hear about another dead friend.The eulogist finished talking. I started to cry, but stopped myself. I got up and walk away, and Michael, Alyssa, and Nolan followed (Alyssa was carrying brice). "Hey Nathan. You ok" said Alyssa as she walked towards me. I looked at her. “They’re gone. I can’t believe it! They’re really gone aren’t they?!” I began to go insane. “This can’t be real! I’m dreaming, it’s just a dream! No. Just a very realistic dream. I’m going to wake up and my mother will be there. My dad will be at work. Johnnie will be healthy. My friends won’t be dead. God will someone wake me up?!” I said frantically.

Kelani ran over and started comforting me. I looked up and saw he was crying. “Don’t cry Kelani. Don’t cry." Nolan started to say “It`s ok Nathan we have people that die in our life--” I punched him in the face. “What the hell was that Nathan” said Alyssa trying to stop me from punching again. “It’s ok” Nolan said angrily blood draining from his nose into his mouth. As Alyssa walked away Nolan punched me square in the stomach. Michael stood there and just watched.  Kelani stopped Alyssa from trying to break into the fight. I got up and tackled him. We started rolling on the ground punching each other repeatedly.


I got up first and asked “Why the hell did you do that Nathan.”  “I don't know maybe because you’re being a dick!” he shouted. I punched him in the stomach again. He tried to get up, but I pinned him down and shouted “Calm down Nathan if you had waited to see what I had to say you would know that I meant good!” “Then say it Damn it!.”

I got off of him. “What?! What was so important that you needed to tell me?!” I stared at him blood still dripping out of my nose. “I was just trying to tell you that important people in our lives die.” He looked at me still angry. “Not like this he shouted!” he hollered his voice booming through the ruins of London.

“Never in my life did I think they’d die this young or the horribly. My brother who I never got to see grow up was shot in the face. My mom and friend died with self inflicted gunshot wounds to the head! My dad was vacuumed out of a plane for god's sake! My best friend was tortured and electrocuted, and the other was impaled! My goodness Nolan! It’d be different if my mom or dad died forty years down the road from now or if my brother got to at least make it to the first grade! Or if my best friends weren’t killed right in front of me!”

I began to realise all of this. Unless the government finds a way to pull itself back together, were screwed.



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