When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 10
Preview to the Lost World

A muscular male wolf sat on a large rock in the moonlight, he was a light gray wolf with white of his stomach. His name was Arisol and he was the leader of a wolf pack in the forest of Elden. His mate, Snow was giving birth to his pups. The last batch of pups they had together died at birth. Arisol was hoping these made it through the night.


" Arisol " came a voice from behind him, he turned around, it was a pure white wolf. "What Whitefang" Arisol asked, turning around to face the smaller wolf. " Dracol wanted me to tell you that you're pups have arrived, and.... they're alive". Arisol howled happily and ran off into the bushes, Whitefang followed his leader, close behind him.


Arisol walked into a clearing next to a large lake. His wolf pack lived here, in the many caves surrounding the left side of the lake. A young she-wolf was drinking from the pond, she was pure white, like Whitefang. She bowed her head to Arisol and then said "Snow is  in the fifth cave, Dracol told me you can see her". The female wolf was Sakara, Whitefangs sister. Whitefang and Sakara where the pups out of Dracols first litter.


Arisol ran into the fifth cave,  it was the only one with the litchen still hanging on the entrance. Two female wolves were in the cave, one was white and the other was silver and gray . The white wolf was laying on the ground, it was Snow, with three healthy pups suckling on her stomach. "They're beautiful" Arisol told Snow, reaching down to sniff each one in turn. Two where males, one was black, the other pure white. The other wolf was Arisols color, she had a dot of black between her eyes.


"They are" the silver and gray female said, "Yes Dracol, and these survived" Arisol said. Snow looked at Arisol with her beautiful blue eyes, "What will you name them". It was custom tradition for the father to name the pups. "Well, this one will be Jasper, he nudged the pure black one. It opened its eyes and smiled at its father before going back to sleep. The white one will be sage and the female will be Jade. And that was there names.


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