When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 9
Train wreck

Jorden and Shawn picked her up a few minutes later. Soon they were waiting to board the train to Outskirt station. "This is so exciting" Jorden squeaked, while Shawn kept his cool and pulled his fingers through his hair.  Choo Choo  they heard in the distance, and moments later, a dilapidated train pulled into the station.


"All aboard" an old fat man smoking a cigarette called through the train window. "Nice trip, huh?" Shawn whispered to Brooke "The driver looks like a hobo!". Brooke laughed and climbed into the back car with every one else.


The train started up and started down the track. A young man with a microphone started talking, "Welcome to  train numbah thirteen" He scowled into the microphone "Hope you enjoy your ride". He walked up into the next car and repeated the same words. Everything was looking fine. "This is going to be great" Brooke said, her words trailing as she dozed off to sleep...


"Ahhhhh!!!" Jorden screamed, Brooke woke up. The pretty weather outside had turned into a disaster. The sky was a dark gray, almost black. There was lightning for what seemed like every second and the thunder was so loud that it even scared the cats. But then... Brooke saw what had scared Jorden. Brookes eyes grew abnormally wide as she saw their fate. "Ohh Nooo!!" Shawn shouted. A flash of lightning striked ahead of them, the bridge they would be crossing any second now was broken in half; there was a huge hole in the middle of it. But the other thing was even scarier. The Bridge was over a HUGE canyon. it had to be at least a half mile deep. "Brace yourselves!" the conductor screamed into his microphone. But it was too late. The train was already falling, falling, breaking, and crumbling apart. Brooke started to cry. She knew there was almost no chance that she would survive this wreak. The train hit the ground with a boom. Brooke felt an excruciating pain for a second and then it all went black.


But anyone else that was not in the wreak would see, a big explosion coming from the middle of the forest of Elden.


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