When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 8
Change of Plans

Brooke woke up Tuesday morning and jumped to her feet. She ran over and pushed on the side of the wall, where the hidden door was. Brooke pushed on it and climbed up the ladder.


All seven cats were sleeping, even Shadow. One of the kittens yawned and walked over to her. This kitten must of had something wrong with his growth because his eyes where already open. "Meow" Peppermint yawned and crawled up to Brooke. Brooke leaned down to pet him and was interrupted by her father yelling "Ballet time!" up the stairs. That woke Shadow and the rest of the family up, except Angel. She still laid motionless in bed.


"I'll be back after school" Brooke told Shadow, "And, I'm going to bring you with me when we run away, is that all right". Shadow walked up to her and purred. "I'll discuss it with Angel but I'm sure it'll be fine" he purred.


Brooke ran back down the ladder and put on her favorite outfit. A purple and white top with blue jeans.



When Brooke got downstairs the phone rang, she picked it up.


"Hello?" Brooke said into the phone. "Hi Brooke, its Jorden, we changed the plans, we're leaving for the trip to Outskirt Station today, we will be there in a few minutes.

Brooke smiled.


"That's alright" Brooke said, I'll get packed right now". "thanks, bye" Jorden said and hung up.


Brooke told her dad and then the cats. The cats all agreed that they would come. Brooke sneaked canned non-perishable food and cat food into her bag. She packed three changes of clothes, soap, and other necessary items.


Brooke was just putting her turtle and its food in her purse with her money when the cats walked down. They each had one item for themselves. Each kitten held a toy and the cats held collars and string. Shadow put the string he was holding down into the backpack and helped his family get in. "Well be alright" he said, and then started biting air holes in the bag.


This is starting to look like a trip towards success Brooke thought and smiled.


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