Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 1

There's something about storms that fascinates me. It might be the loud roar of thunder that comes out of nowhere or the pouring rain that floods the streets. The lightning streak is probably the answer though. It strikes through the clouds into the night and is something that only one in a million can ever see.

When I died I never had thought it would be because of something so stupid. It's something that could've been prevented easily, and I am treated like a five year old because of it now. I don't know why people have sympathy for me because the truth is I deserve to be in this hospital. I deserved everything that happened to me.
The day I got struck by lightning I had a fight with my mom. My dad was on a business trip that weekend and I've wanted to go on a trip to Rome with my friends for the longest time. The trip was connected with the Catholic church that we went to. The plane ride to Rome and back was already paid for. The rest of the expenses however were up to us.

My mom was fed up with me begging. My grades weren't even great lately and I think that was her biggest reason to why she had said no. In addition to that we didn't have money. My dad was on a business trip for money. He's a doctor, but he works for a really bad company. Mom says she knew it would go downhill even when dad got the job.
I had to get out of the house that night. Mom wouldn't stop yelling at me and I hated that kind of pressure. By that time there was already thunder and a downpour. The lightning would strike any minute and I would be the first to witness it.

Our backyard is bigger than the size of the house. It's mainly of grass and two trees down the middle. Mom wished she could be that house decorating woman who puts flowers all over it, but I'm kind of glad she doesn't. I don't want the boys across the street looking at a yard that looked like a unicorn threw up in it. I liked the yard simple. It was my quiet place since I could remember. I liked climbing up the trees and looking out at the stars. I've never been out during a storm, and that kind of environment gave me new adrenaline. It's a different world from up in the trees and I wouldn't mind being up there all day. There's one in a millionth chance that I'll be struck by lightning tonight and I could care less. All I wanted to do was clear my head and watch the lightning strike the sky.

I saw the lightning. It wasn't a strike. It was a flash. It came through so fast and there was no pain. I could feel my body go in shock from head to toe, and I was frozen. I remember the sound. The clear sound of pressure from the lightning's strike. My mom runs out the door, but I'm already dead.

I was in a hospital when I opened my eyes. White walls surrounded me with a patient chair beside me. Wires were hooked onto a machine on the other side of me. Mom was sitting there. She was crying into her tissue. Dad was nowhere to be seen.

"Mom I'm fine," I laugh.

Mom is still crying though and it's clear that she didn't hear me. Two doctors are near my bed, checking the machine that was connected through hooks all over me. The room was quiet besides my mom's cries. It looked like I just finished surgery. I was in a recovery room. There was a television in front of me and a basket filled with cookies and teddy bears.

I unhooked one of the things on my arms and looked at the doctor. "I'm okay Doc."

The doctor says to the other crystal clear, "I really hope she makes it. I thought for sure she would."

Both simultaneously look back at the machine again and my mom cries harder.

"Oh my gosh," I go, "Iím fine! Look at me!" I stand up and as I turn to look at the doctors, there I am.

I'm still on the bed lying like a rock. My eyes are closed and I'm breathing, but it was the machine that was helping me stay alive. If they unhooked me, I was gone forever. I looked so pale to the world, but other than that I looked about the same. It seemed like most of the lightning's pressure went to my head. It wasn't stable.

As I watch my mom cry I turn to look out the window. Outside the sun is shining and there's a park below. Little kids are running around and one is in a wheelchair watching them. It must've been a few days since the accident. I couldn't tell.

"We can keep her here for a while and watch her," The doctor finalized. The other one leaves. Both were men about thirty years old at least. One had brown hair and the other talking to my mom was black-haired. He had olive skin and held his clipboard in front of him.

My mom tries to stop crying but once in a while you can still hear her sniffs. I had no idea what she was going through. But I was watching the entire thing like a movie.

"What if she doesn't wake up?" Mom asks. Her fingers are trembling, and that's how I know she's scared. When we watched Insidious for the first time she always played with her fingers. It was a natural instinct for her. She would only let dad touch her hands and reassure her that everything was fine. When the creature would jump out my dad would hug her and my mom would be frozen. Her eyes would become wide but that was it. No scream or jump. Nothing.

"We might have to let her go," The doctor replies.

A whining sound comes from mom's mouth as she comprehends that. She's about to cry when the doctor adds, "But that didn't happen."

He leaves the room and all there is is my mom still sniffling. I'm still watching her and she soothes out my hair. I have no idea when I was going to wake up but I hope it was soon. There was an extra bed next to mine and if I was going to stay here longer I knew I was going to have a roommate. I watch my mom bend down close to me. She gives me a kiss on the forehead.

She leaves the room too.


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