Author: kenny howard

Chapter 53
John Wayne clint Eastwood and me

We decided to use our real names
As we rode across the desert sands
Each with a long iron close to our lightning swift hands

We were out to kill some bad men
Apaches or comanchero's
We didn't care
Our main objective at that time was keeping our head if hair

We hit the rio grandy without leathering our guns
Miles and miles we had travelled not a red skin insight
We were getting really pissed off we were hitching for a fight

Out of nowhere forty Mexicans suddenly blocked our trail
The head honcho with the biggest sombrero flashed his brown and green teeth
We could tell right then and there he was a low down dirty dog thief

Hula amigos please show us what you keep in your saddle bags he grinned
In a flash clint Eastwood shot him in the chest john Wayne shot out both of his eyes
Our horses were rearing up
I was screaming loud rebel cries

John and clint charged at the rest swinging their blazing guns
I was right behind them but perhaps a little slow
I pulled my gun but the bastard got stuck and blow of my fucking big toe

When the smoke cleared away the bandits were all dead
Clint and john had done really well
They dropped me off at the doctors
My foot was beginning to swell

When the three of us ride out again
I'll let you all know how it goes
But for now I'll limp off into the sunset
Adios adios amigos ..,,,,,


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