Author: kenny howard

Chapter 52
Al Pacino Robert de Niro and me

Before New York was the apple
It used to be called the cow
All the goodfellas milked it
And man did they know how

I was running numbers
With a little white dust on the side
I had to keep my head well down
Or else I would have died

I first met al and Robbie
In a night club called "The Dive "
They were drinking large jack Daniels
With a cousin of my called Clive

We drank into the early hours
Hard men spitting and hissing
We talked about crime all the time
Even in the john when we were pissing

We decided to knock over the nearest bank
After we had all sobered up
Al Pacino drank a jug of black coffee
Robert de Niro drank just one cup

Off we all set to see "Tommy the Gun"
He handled the local hardware
The boys picked out their favourite pieces
I grabbed a Luger quite rare

We hit the bank late afternoon
Clive shot the guard stone dead
The cashier went for the panic button
Al Pacino put one in his head

Robert de Niro had the hardest job
He was outside watching our back
I found out a little later
He had to take out a copper called Jack

My job was to scoop up the money
I scooped up the fucking lot
As we left the bank I couldn't resist it
I let off a fair well shot

The getaway driver was Al Capone
In crime he was just starting out
He was screaming and shouting "get into the car"
To calm him down I gave him a clout

Back at the flop we shared out the dough
My cut was sixty eight grand
Al Pacino gave me a hug and a kiss
Robert de Niro just shook my hand

Us boys all went our separate ways
I brought a butchers and deli
If your ever in Brooklyn 59 street
Pop in and I'll fill up your belly ....


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