Rouge Toons
Author: Bobby South

Chapter 22
After Credits Chapter

“All right, Pinky,” said the Brain. “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

            “Uh, I think so, Brain,” said his friend, Pinky. “But how will we name all of the mutation monsters?”

            “No!” snapped Brain, whacking him with a pencil. “Once we add this nuclear power plant to our collection, we will finally be able to take over the world by running all the nuclear power plants!”

            The lab mice were outside the ACME Nuclear Plant. It was one of the world’s biggest power plants and it had thousands of employees hustling and bustling.

            “Narf, so how exactly are we going to get in the Plant, Brain?” asked Pinky. “Dressed up like a flower?”

            Brain grinded his teeth. “No! How could we possibly get in by – ” Then he stopped and reconsidered Pinky’s suggestion. “On second thoughts – ”





            The door opened and a large glass vase of red roses slid to the CEO’s desk. She picked it up. It read, ‘To my loveliest and hard working wife.’ “Pity I don’t have a husband.”

            The vase was put on the desk. Then Brain and Pinky shot up from the roses and approached the CEO.

            “Excuse me, Miss – ” Brain looked down to see the golden name plate which said ‘Miss Jane Rond, CEO of ACME Nuclear.’ “Miss Rond, I come with a proposition for you.”

            The chair spun around and Jane Rond turned around to see. “I have something better for you, Mr. Brain.”

            Then out of the windows and doors and cupboards came Iron Suits aiming for the lab mice. They were picked up by a purple and white one.

            Rond stood up from her chair. “By the authority of P.E.E.L.E.D., I have here a warrant for your arrests, both of you. But, first, you will sign an order that return all the world’s nuclear power plants to their rightful owners.”

            “Never!” screamed Brain. “Go ahead, do whatever you want to do to us. I will never surrender.”

            “Well, how can you rule the world when you’re dead?” asked Rond.


            A green and white Iron Suit approached the mice and aimed at their heads very closely. The mice were getting very hot from the heat coming from the suit’s hands and the orange light was getting brighter. A sound was activated and –

            “STOP!” yelled Brain. “I’ll sign the order!”

            The green and white suit lowered its weapons and the purple and white one gave Brain enough room to use a pen to sign the order.

            “Thank you for your cooperation,” said Rond. Then she nodded the purple and white suit who took the lab mice away.

            After she got in her red and gold suit, Rond went to unopened cupboard and opened it. Out came the true CEO of the Nuclear Plant.

            Thank you for your cooperation,” said Iron Pig. “This plant is still in your hands.”

            Thank you, too,” said the CEO. “This world is indebted to you, Iron Pig.”

            Twice,” Iron Pig whispered. “Well, I’d better go.”

            Then she jumped out of the window and flew off.

            PW7 to Base,” said Iron Pig. “Nuclear Power Plant mission accomplished. Have the two criminals responsible and is heading back with them.

            Base to PW7,” said CIC. “Well done. See you soon.”

            Remember, kids,” said Iron Pig. “Try adjusting to solar, wind, geothermal and biofuel energy. I know they’re not reliable, but being dependant on fossil fuels and nuclear won’t do you or the world any favors. See you guys later.”

            Then she flew off into the sunset.


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