Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 13
Where it All Started

I saw her dead body just laying on the floor with a bullet hole in her head. The blood was splattered in a streak across the wall and spilling out from her cranium onto Zion’s body.
One year earlier
“Scoop! Scoop! Scoop!” Zion would say as he ran around the the school searching for helpless victims of his scooping. “Zion! What did we tell you about scooping?” Nathan would say placing his hand over his chin trying to stop Zion’s merciless scooping. Zion ran on ahead and scooped Zoey. “Scoop!” he would say as he lifted up Zoey’s chin. She just continued to walk as though it had never happened. I jogged up to Zoey with binder in my hand. “Well you're no fun,” I said as we both took a right going toward our american history class. “What do you mean by that?” she questioned in a deep grumpy voice. “Really?” I asked. “You don’t know what I’m talking about?” She jerked her head towards me. “No Nolan. I have no idea what you mean,” she said impatiently. A surprised look came about my face. “Wow,” I said. “Zion just scooped you and you give him nothing! Not even a single smile!” Zoey looked into my eyes with a disappointed look across her face. Her eyes were moist. “I’m sorry to tell you Nolan, but I don’t feel my best right now,” she said as she turned away and walked into the class with me following me behind.
I walked into the classroom and sat down in my seat. Jackson sat behind me twiddling with his pencil. “How you doing?” I asked. Jackson had flipped his pencil into a writing position and began to draw on his desk what I thought was a dragon. “Oh. It’s been fine, thank you very much.” I nodded and turned away.` There sitting in front of me sat the most beautiful girl I knew. Ilyssa Ramos. I couldn’t help but stare at her long black hair and her beautiful caramel colored skin. All the boys wanted her, including some of my friends Nathan, Zion, and Brando. The one problem with me getting her is that I had already gotten her in elementary. Nathan had gone out with her as well, but later was told by her herself he was being used. Nathan was a smart kid and still is. One of the smartest in his class. It had happened to him before. In fourth grade it happened to him again with a girl named Kalea. She also admitted she was using him. However, even though all of this had happened he still thought Ilyssa looked good even though she had used him.
Nathan stood up, pulled his stand to his chest, and looked at his music. Zion, Me, and the rest of the class did as well. Our director gave us one measure of rest and the song began. It started out with the bassists and cellists playing long deep whole notes. Nathan’s face remained intense as he took long bowings on his tall bass. Zion and Me picked up our instruments and began to play short eighth notes. On the song went with heavy bass and and aggressive violins.
The song ended with low aggressive notes after one hell of a build up from the coda. Our director excused us from our class and off we went to lunch. Lunch was the most interesting time of the day. Everyday we had thirty minutes to just talk with your friends. I’ve never walked into that cafeteria without anything boring happening. Take yesterday for example. In the lunch line they have this juice that is almost like a soda, because it has a carbonated taste and bubbles. Nathan dumped some out in a tray and snorted it. His nose burned for several minutes after that. Nolan then decided it would be fun to snort chili powder. After several minutes of watching Nolan holler in pain, we decided we better take him to the nurse for the bloody nose he had acquired. Every time he would sniff he smelled chili powder and it annoyed the hell out of him.
As we traveled down the hall into the lunchroom Nathan and Zion talked about the latest superhero movies. “Superman V.S Batman! That’s bull shit!” said Nathan sounding somewhat offended. “Why?” Zion question. Nathan’s eyes blew up like a balloon. “Why bother make such a stupid movie? It’s Superman V.S Batman! Everyone knows that Superman is practically invincible. Batman has absolutely no powers!” “Psht!” said Zion. “But Batman has kryptonite!” “Fuck kryptonite!”
We all walked to our tables, sat our stuff down, and went straight into the lunch line. Zion, Nathan, Nolan, and me were first in line. Brando later came up behind us. Today in the lunch line, we were having nachos. Zion watched as the lunch ladies dumped the cheese all over the chips, but only put a small scoop of meat. Zion looked at the lunch lady. “Excuse me miss. Can I have some more meat?” he asked. The lunch ladies head popped up like a jack in the box and looked at Zion sternly. “No! One scoop only miha!” she said with a strong Mexican accent. “I just want one sc-” “No!” Interrupted the lunch lady. “Fine,” he said. He began to turn away, but quickly turned back around. “Scoop!” he said as he scooped the lunch lady. The lunch lady’s mouth dropped in amazement as Zion walked away. I walked up to her giggling. I took the plate from her and went to pay for my food.
Once everybody was sitting down in our own group away from the girls, we made plans to steal their Takis. Nolan sat down and started talking to them. Nathan and Me snuck up from behind and reached our hands into the bag. We took as many as we could and ran away.
“Yeah!” shouted Brando. “We got them!” he said as he put his hands into the pile of chips that lay before him.
We munched on our chips for the rest of lunch and then were off to our rocketry class. In rocketry we didn’t do much except saw some wood for our fins and that was it. It was off to gym where we played some kickball, then to science, and English where we read Where the Red Fern Grows.
The bell rang and the hallway went berserk, as it always did when the bell rang, and we ran to our lockers to grab our backpacks. Nolan, Nathan, Zion, Jackson, and Me walked to our buses and sat next to each other. Zoey sat behind us. “Hey Zoey! How was your day?” Zion asked as he set his stuff down between the two seats. Zoey didn’t respond to anything anyone said. She just sat down, still frowning, and looked out the window.
Zion moved seats and sat next to her. “You okay?” he asked with a soft calm voice. Once again Zoey said nothing. However, she gave Zi a nod telling him that she wasn’t feeling her best.
He moved a little bit closer to her and then hugged her. Nathan and I, who were peering over the seat, went back down to our sitting position and looked at each other with raised eyebrows. I looked across at Nolan who had a big grin spread across his face. “Interesting. Very interesting,” Nolan said. I nodded in agreement.
The bus began to tremble as the outside began to glide pass. We took a left by the church next to our school and we were on our way to the highway. The bus rides were the only other place during the day we could actually talk. That is with the exception of lunch. The distance between our neighborhood and the school was at least 15 minutes which is good. It gives us time to talk about our day and things of those sorts. “How was your day?” I asked Zion. “Fine,” he said. “That lunch lady though!” Zion exclaimed as he chuckled. “Oh that was great!”
“What lunch lady?” asked Zoey. Jackson popped his head over the seat. “Zion scooped a lunch lady!” said Jackson. Zoey burst out laughing. “Oh my gosh!” she would say repeatedly. She wiped a tear from her eye and quit laughing.
We were all friends and I knew that nothing could ever break us apart even when everything looked like total shit. No there was no breaking us apart.
To be continued...


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