Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 12
Death and my Best Friend

As we pulled up to the house I held placed my hand over his chest. Nolan stopped the car and ran back to open the door. “Come on! Lets get him inside!” I said panicking as we picked up his limp body. Zion plopped onto the couch as the rest of us came charging towards his body. Kelani looked at him eyes wide open. “Holy shit!” he screamed. Zoey reached over his body and touched his head with the back of her hand. His head had gages inches deep due to burns. “Damn! He’s burning up!” she exclaimed. “What the hell happened to him?” Michael questioned. Nolan looked straight at him. “They tortured him. They put him in the electric chair. We also noticed an eye injury. He’s blind,” said Nolan. “No!” Zoey screamed as she grasped his body and placed her ear over his chest. His heart thumped slowly. Very slowly.
I carried him upstairs and sat him on the bed. I twirled on the mattress softly and lye there next to him. I gave him a soft hug and started my way back down the stairs. As I went down, Zoey went the other way. “Where are you going?” I asked her. “Bed. It’s been a tough day.” I nodded and continued my way down the stairs.

He lay there on the end of the bed. Slowly, I scooted over to his body and whispered into his ear. “Your so lucky aren’t you. Your blind and can’t see. Everything now is ugly,” I said quietly. Zion just lay there motionless. I sighed and lay my head down on his chest. “Thump…...Thump…...Thump” beaten his heart every so often. “I know this is useless,” I said. “But it’s worth doing even though you can’t feel.” I bent over Zion and gave him a passionate kiss.

I woke up. At least I thought I did. My eyes were open. At least I thought so. I could see nothing. Everything was pitch black. I tried to listen to what was around me. Nothing. Not the slightest sound. I tried to listen to the tick of the clock on the wall. Nothing. “What’s going on?!” I tried to scream. I could only think. No sound came out of my body. Suddenly I felt a rush overwhelm my body. Something made me feel joyful and excited. It made me feel alive even though at the moment I was almost dead. Suddenly the excitement stopped and the darkness seemed to get brighter. Something wasn’t right. Suddenly images began flashing through my mind. I saw my friends. I saw my family. I saw everything that I ever loved. The images began repeating over and over again. Family. Friends. Family. Friends. Family. Friends. Then the images stopped. It remained dark. Then it appeared. It was Zoey. She was the only one I saw. I saw her smile. I saw her cry. I saw her afraid. I saw her nervous.
These pictures continued until I became angry. “What is this?! Why am I seeing this horrid stuff?!” Right as I was about to break, I was shown the final picture. It was her and me together. We were both as happy as ever. Just then it ended. And nothing. It just was dark. Nothing else. Then I knew I was finished. “It’s all over Zion. I’ve been erased away from the horrors of the world. Now I’m on my own.

As I pressed my chest up against his I could feel his heart began to race. Faster and faster it pumped. A tear dropped onto his forehead as his heart stopped. I waited for it to beat again. Nothing. I waited a little while longer. Still nothing. I burst out in tears knowing what had just happened. “Zion! Zion! Zion!”, I cried.
I darted down stairs. “Ahhhhh!,” I screamed. Everyone looked at me scared as if they didn’t know what was happening. “What is it?” Nathan said worried. “Zi! Zi! He’s d-” I paused. “He’s de-.” We all began to race up the stairs to the room. There he was. As dead as a door nail.

I began to weep at the sight of my best friend lying there dead. I walked over to him and buried my face into his chest. “Damn!”, I screamed sobbing. Why did he have to die like this. We gathered around the bed looking down at one of our close friends. Kelani looked up. “Zion wouldn’t want to see us mope over him.” We all looked at him. “What do you mean?” said Michael. “I mean Zion wouldn’t want to see us complain. He’d want to see us fight through the apocalypse. I’m not saying we should forget Zion, I’m just saying we should move on or we we’ll never be able to stop anything.”
Kelani was right. We shouldn’t mope over Zion. Some of us went down stairs and tried to get over the fact that our best friend was dead. He wasn’t coming back. We’ll never see Zion again. Michael took it pretty hard. He stuck his head into the bowl of the toilet and seemed to try to vomit out all the sadness that had infected him. He then flushed it away and rinsed his mouth. There was no use in going to sleep tonight. We all knew none of us could sleep through such a tragedy.
Me and Nolan went up to the house once more. Nolan sighed. “This is shit.” I nodded at his remark. “This has happened two times to many. First Jackson and now Zion. I wonder whos going to bite the dust next.” I shrugged. “I don’t know. Some crazy shit is going to happen to another one of us. With our luck two of us will be killed at once.”
Just the something clicked. We needed to prevent something like this from happening again. I looked at Nolan. “Hey Nolan.” “Yeah.” I cleared out my throat. “We need to put a stop to this. “How?” he asked. I smiled an evil smile. “Were going to murder all those bastards!” He gave me a strange look. “The ancestors? We can’t Nathan! There is way too many of them!” I gave him a sharp look. “At this point I really don’t care!” I stated strictly. “I don’t care if we have to nuke them! They killed my best friend. Now I’m going to kill all of them.” Nolan looked scared. “Are you sure you’re ok Nathan?” he asked worried. “Damn it Nolan! I’m fine! A little revenge is all I want.”
Nolan nodded at me and began to walk down the stairs. I continued to look out into the dangerous night sky. Beautiful, but very dangerous. In the distance I could see damaged buildings. I wish I could’ve seen this once beautiful city when it wasn’t invaded by satan's demons. I closed my eyes and tried to think of Zion In peace. “He’s in a better place,” I would say to myself. For Christ sake! Hell was probably better than this shit hole the we were trying to survive in.
Just then I heard a loud bang and loud screaming. I began to charge down the stairs. “Crap! Crap! Crap! What is it?” I screamed trying not to run into the walls of the halls I ran through. When I got to Zi’s room I saw what everybody was screaming at and broke down on my knees and began to ball.
To be continued...


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