Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 10

I sat in the chair sick to his stomach. The room was dark and gloomy and some water dripped from a hole in the pipe above him.
The warden walked in the room with his suit and tie; I scowled at him. Nobody liked the warden. He lit his pipe and stared me down. The bastard didn’t scare me. In fact it he seemed to be scared of us more than we were of him. He knew what us prisoners could to to him. If it wasn’t for the restraints he had on us, he would be dead.
“Mr.Saltwell, we know what you did. We know you have murdered and robbed and you know why you’re here”, he said. “Shut the hell up! I know what I did of course, but you don’t have to remind me about it”, I said in annoyance.
“Listen Mr.Saltwell”, said the warden as a puff of smoke flew out of his mouth and on to my face. I coughed hoping the taste would go away. “We have a weapon so powerful that no target can resist it’s power. If you're not going to tell us what you did to your wife, then I’m going to inject you with this to get the word out”, he said once again trying to scare me. I was pissed off. “You untrusting bastard! I told you what I did to her!” My head began to hurt at the thought of what I’d done. “What did you do to her”, said the warden impatiently. Now I was really pissed. “Fuck you! You know what I did to her!” “Then why won’t you tell me you scared faggot!”, he screamed in my face. I gave him an unwanted face. “I don’t know why you don't just believe me you little pussy!
I felt a horrible shock in my body as I screamed in pain. “What did you call me you bitch!”, screamed the warden. “I’m not scared of you! Fuck you a million times over! Fuck you!”, I hollered in pain. He pulled the lever as I continued to scream. Blood began flowing out of my hands and began vomiting up some more blood.
“Is that all you can do you faggot!” He pulled the lever and I began to feel my head burning up. The skin on my hands began burning up. “My god! Make it stop! Stop it now!” The warden smiled at me.
I ripped my hands out of the chairs grip and grabbed the wardens face with my burning hands. The warden began screaming as I pounded him into the ground with my burning hands. I saw the warden pull out a shot from his pocket and he slammed the needle into my neck.
My head began to feel even worse. White lights flashed in front of my face as I fell back onto the floor. I placed my hands on my head which began burning the skin. “What the hell is happening to me! Stop it! Stop it! I’m not giving you the fucking answer!” I wasn’t in control of my own body but neither was he. Images of my Wife flashed before my eyes. She was beautiful. Then it gradually got worse. They flashed from sad to sick to her dead body. The dead body image remained in my head. “Fuck! Get it out! Get it out now. I continued to beat the warden. “What the hell did you do to me you bastard?!”
The warden began coughing up blood and his heart stopped. I grabbed his keys and unlocked the door. What I saw as I opened up the door was insane. All the guards lay on the ground dead. Entrails were piled on top of their bodies. The prisoners were free! Set loose. We had all gone insane.
As I walked through the entrance I saw the prisoners tearing down doors and attacking the innocents. I ran into an abandoned house on the side of the road. I walked in as I searched the kitchen for a thermometer. I dug my hand through compartment under the stove and found a thermometer. I placed it in my mouth and waited impatiently. I wasn't surprised to see a 104.7 fever. I felt like dog shit. I lay my head down on the couch and fell asleep.
When I woke up the streets were lit with fire and buildings collapsed making a minor dust storm. There was nothing for me. Everything gone. My wife, my family, everything and it was all my fault.
As tempting as it was, I was not going to end it. I was on my way to the city when I realized something important. If we were going to stop this we would need a team. Survivors that could fight our way out of this. Besides, this is only the beginning of something huge. Hell we're going to need all the help we can get.


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