Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 9
Depression Settling

“If you need help with everyone dying so soon, I can help” I said “No, I think I will be fine” He said. We took turns looking out my scope. In the morning we were both tired. Commander S gave us the day off.
I woke up this morning wondering what had gone wrong. I told myself it was nothing and I would have to get over what happened to Jackson yesterday. I sat at the table next to Zoey, wondering if something like what happened on yesterday will happen again to any of us. when i was at the Protectors base cleaning up the wreckage. Why did Nathan and Nolan get the day off did Commander S favor them over the rest of us. After we had finished up cleaning we went scouting for injured. I paired my self with Zoey. “Do you think some crazy shit like this will ever happen again”, she said. I looked at her real quick and caught a glimpse of her face.
Nolan and I were sitting in the living room as Alyssa walked down the stairs with brice in her arms. When she came in the living room she sat down next to me. We were watching a recorded show because all of the live streaming was gone. It was a show about cops chasing down people filmed a couple of years ago. When everyone came back Their faces were red and looked like they needed a nap. Nolan and I were well rested so we took watch again ,but this time we took turns resting. When it was my turn to watch I saw what I thought was one of those creatures, but it also looked like Commander S. He had four more of they creatures trailing him. I woke up Nolan and gave him back his gun. “It looks like Commander S is hurt, here take the flashlight tape it to your gun and check I will cover you”, He said. I ran down stairs and taped the flashlight to my gun. I ran outside and then I saw he wasn't hurt he was one of those creatures. I started to shoot as I see the ones behind him fall to the ground.
12 hours earlier

Commander S
I was sitting in my office reviewing old cop files. I heard someone knock on the door.”Come in I said” , I said. Ruby walked in the door her hand holding pictures from one of our scouts. They were pictures of the other group discovered in the ruins of London called the Ancestors. “We had found this group a couple of months ago but we did not want to raise any alarms, so we kept it a secret.", said Ruby under her breath.”WHY DID YOU NOT AT LEAST TELL ME YOU BASTARD!” I said “That is why sir” she said “Ok I want you to get our most trust worthy people to go and scout the Ancestors. You can chose two other people to go ahead and scout that you trust more than anyone.” I said.
Ruby came in to the house and asked if I could scout out the Ancestors. “You ne-”, she stopped in speaking. I prepped up. “Who the hell are the Ancestors?”, I asked unknowing of the dangers that were set out before me. Alyssa I could tell was nervous. “They are a group found in the ruins of London. They have been living there for a while now living near destroyed buildings where the infected were no longer. We have a feeling they could be the ones behind those missile strikes.” she said. I sat up. “Yeah. I’ll do it. Those bastards killed one of my friends!”, I said enraged.
I got up and grabbed my sniper and walked straight to the door. “Wait!”, Ruby said. You're going to need your best man. I nodded at Ruby as I paced up the stairs. Nathan sat on his bed next to Brice and Alyssa. I motioned him with my finger as he walked in my direction.
“Yes”, he said impatiently. “Were going to need you for something”, I said as calm as possible even though I was freaking out on the inside. “The missile strike from yesterday might have been caused by another spotted group in the ruins of London. They call themselves The Ancestors.” He looked at me strangely. “How do you know this for sure?”, he said curiously. I had no idea what to say. “Well...we don’t, but whoever they are they’re up to no good.”
He stood there thinking. After a short while he spoke. “Sure.”, he said as he walked to the bed. I was glad he agreed. He kissed Brice on the head and left.
As we walked down the stairs he sighed. "What's wrong with you?", I said. He looked up. “Every time I do some shit like this I fear I’m never coming back”, he said looking quite depressed. He had his reasons.
You had to think that when shit went down, every second counted. If we didn’t react in time we’d end up like Jackson. Dead with a rudder thrust through our chests.
I sat at the side of Jacksons grave. Tears rolled down my face as I picked up the blood stained rudder next to him. I turned my head when I heard someone sneaking through the grass. “What the fu-”, I couldn’t finish my sentence. A man wearing a black torn up hoody grabbed me by the neck and tackled me. “Who the fuck are you?! Get off of me you bastard!” I saw him grab his gun as it flew towards my face. Everything went black once more.
There was nothing for us today. We just sat around the area not doing much. It was hard to do anything in the first place. Everything that happened yesterday was all we could think about. The image of that one piece of a chopper impaling him. It was too real. Just way too real. We were all such good friends and when someone so important like Jackson was gone we just weren’t complete. Each one of us is our own brick in a wall of friends and when one of those bricks goes missing the wall becomes unbalanced and it collapses in on itself. Just then we heard a scream come from where Zion was. My eyes grew wide. Michael looked at me and ran with Kelani following behind him. When we reached the burial ground Zion was gone. All we found was his gun which lay on the ground by where he sat. He was gone! Somebody had kidnapped Zion.
Nolan, Ruby, and I strolled through the streets looking for the group. They were assigned in the area where the attack took place yesterday. In the distance I saw what appeared to be Zoey and the others running towards us. “Oh shit!”, I said nervously.
Zoey stepped up to me gasping for air. “What! What! What!”, I said darting my head. She bent over in tears. “Zion! Zion is gone! Kidnapped!”
To be continued...


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