Rouge Toons
Author: Bobby South

Chapter 18
Let's Go Save The World

Runt was running up and down in the giant bubble. It was getting Rita’s nerves, as much as Hamton’s.

           “Accept that you’re in a bubble, Runt,” moaned the cat. “You’re never going to get out.” 

           “Yeah, Runt,” said Hamton. “I mean, I’ve tried popping this bubble with this needle. It didn’t work.”

           “I know,” Runt panted. “I just like running around. I’m so full of energy.”

           “Well, I’d saved your energy if I were you,” said Rita.

           “Hey, don’t tell him what to do!” Jo snapped, below them. “Let him enjoy running about that bubble. Because, in ten minutes, he won’t be able to.”
                 She laughed as she kept running and holding the bubble in the air. Then she found her armpits being tickled. It caused her to drop the bubble, but it still didn’t pop.

            Jo broke free from the tickling fingers and turned around to see it was Iron Pig tickling her under her armpits.

            I can’t remember the last time you laughed,” Iron Pig chuckled. Tar Machine laughed with her.

            “Well, you won’t be laughing long very soon,” said Jo. She pushed her arms out and a few purple spots were thrown near Iron Pig and Tar Machine.

            Ha! You missed!” Tar Machine scoffed.

            I don’t think she meant to hit us, Fighty,” said Iron Pig.

            What do you mean?” Then he got his answer when he saw the purple spots rumbling and getting bigger.

            Get back!” ordered Iron Pig. She and Tar Machine skated backwards and saw some terrifying black-purple eight-foot fat monsters that strongly resembled Frozen’s Marshmallow.

            “My Burnt Peas should keep you busy while I do my ritual,” said Jo.

            Iron Pig and Tar Machine looked at each other and laughed.

            Burnt Peas?” said Tar Machine. “Is that the best name you can come up with for them?”
                 Why she got the lead role on Linda Holly, I’ll never know,” laughed Iron Pig. “The show was funny enough, but her role wasn’t.”

            “I can hear you, Brendian!” Jo called. “Now, if you’ll excuse me…” She stamped her foot down and the ice rumbled.

            Iron Pig and Tar Machine saw that Jo was being shot up by a large giant purple icicle. She lifted her arms out and the bubble was being lifted up too.

            Why don’t you sing Let It Go while you’re at it?” Iron Pig called.

            “I’m trying to take over the world, not hide myself in a castle!” Jo yelled. Then she reached the top of the Penon de Ifach and got off her ice tower.

            Since we can’t fly,” said Tar Machine, “how are we going to get up there?”

            There’s only one thing to do,” said Iron Pig. “Apart from fighting the Burnt Peas over there.” Then she heard roaring behind her. “Oh, and the dragons, Weird Wolves, Bothers, Perfectos and Monty.” She turned around. “Who seems to have their plate full of P.E.E.L.E.D. spies.”

            Peeled spies? Never have them before. What do they taste like?”

            Iron Pig chuckled. “Don’t be silly! Turn around and look up!”

            Tar Machine turned around to see P.E.E.L.E.D. planes and agents in iron suits fighting the army above.

            “Oh, look! Two metal creatures made of iron!”

            Iron Pig and Tar Machine turned around and saw the Elmyra zombies running towards them. And if that wasn’t bad enough, behind them Monty’s robots joined them.

            Then Iron Pig noticed a shadow taking over her and Tar Machine. She looked up and pulled Tar Machine away. When they were cleared from the shadow, they saw a large metal box landing on the robots and zombies. But only one Elmyra was not hit.

            “Do you think she’s the real one?” asked Tar Machine.

            “I bet she is,” said Iron Pig.

            The metal box opened up and Hannah the firebird led the Tiny Toons and the Animaniacs out.

            “Now, they’re all sorted out,” said Iron Pig, “I will have to climb the Penon de Ifach.”
                 Tar Machine gasped. “You?”

            Yes,” said Iron Pig. You have enough on your plate with the Burnt Peas.”

            What? Me? Burnt Peas? I have a pea allergy!”

            The iron suit protects you from smells, genius!” And, with that, Iron Pig ran the feet of the Penon de Ifach.

            Well, I didn’t know!” snapped Tar Machine.



On top of the Penon de Ifach, Hamton, Rita and Runt were still in the purple bubble as they saw Jo walking around a giant stone circle with some sort of writing on it. She waving her hands in front of it and singing very quietly.

            “Oh, I would rather the world end now than watch another second of her awful singing and dancing,” Rita moaned.

            “I can hear you, Rita!” snapped Jo. “Besides, I am not singing and dancing. I am opening the portal to the magic realm.”

            “The magic realm?” said Hamton.

            “The very place where the magic came from and my people along with it,” Jo explained.

            Then the writing lit up and the stone started to spin and went further down. Jo smiled at the hole as purple reflected on her face. Then she clicked her fingers and the bubble popped.

            “Hamton, the orbs,” Jo requested.

            Hamton got the bag out.

            “Don’t do it, Hamton,” said Rita, putting her paw on his shoulder.

            “What choice do we have?” asked Hamton.

            “We could fight,” said Runt. Then he jumped to her.

            “Runt, NO!” shouted Rita. Then she turned to charge at Jo who was aiming her finger at him.

            Runt saw a purple light coming at him but then it was stopped. He saw a fried up cat landing next to him. “Rita!” he cried. He ran and sniffed the poor cat. “Come on, Rita. Don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me.”

            Rita groaned. “I’m sorry, Runt.  I – I – I l – love – ”

            Then her eyes closed down. Her best friend sadly lied down and whined for me.

            “Do you want more of that happening, Hamton?” Jo snapped at her pig prisoner.

            “N – n – No!” Hamton stammered.

            “So give me the orbs!”

            Hamton chucked the sack to the evil queen. She dropped the three orbs into the magical pool. Purple flames shot up as Jo laughed out of control.

            Hamton ran to Runt who was still with the struck-down Rita. “Come on, guys,” said Hamton, as he helped Rita onto Runt’s back. “We’ve done what we’ve been asked and now’s our chance to go.”
                 He and Runt started tip-toeing as quiet as they could. They kept on walking and yet it didn’t seem like they were getting far at all. They looked down to see that they were walking… on thin air! They turned around to see, without even looking at them, Jo was pointing at them. Then she wriggled her finger to come over and so the prisoners did.

            “We’re not finished yet, Hamton,” said Jo. “We only have one more task for you to do: Just step in the Pool of Magic here and the job will be done.”

            “But I thought I did my part,” said Hamton.

            “What? Those orbs?” Jo chuckled. “No, no, no. Your position is more important than that. Let’s say this pool is a case and the orbs are the keys and you are the shiniest jewel in the heart of the case.”

            Hamton knew that was not motivating at all. As he looked into the Pool, he looked uncomfortable as it saw the pool spinning around with electricity spinning around. He knew he would die if he jumped but on the other hoof if he didn’t do so, Jo would only push him in. And there was no one around to save him. Rita was knocked out, Runt was mourning her and Hamton saw that his friends were too busy to come to save him.

            “You have one second left before I push you in,” Jo warned.

            The brave pig gulped, closed his eyes and jumped. As he fell down, he prepared himself for the worst. He didn’t even bother opening his eyes to check how far he was getting closer to his death. Then he felt like he was being lifted up. He opened his eyes and saw that he was.

            He was flying, thanks to Iron Pig. “Jane!”

            You’re okay, Hamton,” said Iron Pig. “We’ll just – ”


            Hamton fell to the ground. He saw the iron suit pieces floating down.

            “What do you think now, Hamton?” asked Jo. “Now, you can’t – Wait a minute.” She went over to the fired iron pieces and sneered. “There isn’t a body in there at all!”

            She quickly turned around to see someone tending to Rita with Runt and Hamton next to her.

            “Let me guess,” Jo said. “You sent your iron suit to distract me so you could climb up. Is that right, Brendian?”

            Rond got on her hoofs and ran to confront the evil queen. “This has gone far enough, Jo. Or should I say, ‘Queen Boffery’?”

            “‘Your Majesty’ will suffice,” said Jo. “Or ‘Your Grace’.”
                 “Doesn’t matter,” said Rond, as she drew out her samurai sword. “Because I’m going to end this even if it kills me.”

            “You’re half right,” said Jo. “And you know which part I’m talking about.” She reached her hands out and small metal pikes. Then the pikes turned purple and they evolved into a thin, long, steel swords.

            Jo and Rond gave each other a hard stare at each other. Then both of their minds were taken over by a flashback. They were both remembering the time when they were sunbathing on tubes on the duck pond on the farm.

            “Where do you think the ducks are?” asked Brendian.

            “Probably flew to the south for the winter,” said Jo.

            “In the middle of July?” said Brendian.

            “I don’t know, then,” said Jo. “I’m not a genius.”

            “But you are a very good friend,” said Brendian.

            “And you are the closest thing I have to a sister,” said Jo. “Even more than my step sisters.”

            “Speaking of which…” Brendian reached for under the tube and brought something out. She chucked it to Jo.

            Jo gasped happily. “I love it!” It was a crystal made bracelet with the word ‘sister’ on them.  “And…”

            Brendian caught her friend’s gift and studied it. It was a golden bracelet with the word ‘sister’ on it. “I love it!”

            They wanted to hug each other, but the tubes made it difficult.

            “Perhaps we should…” said Jo.

            “Yeah,” Brendian agreed.
                 They started to hold hand and hoof and smiled together.

            “As long as we’re together,” said Brendian, “I’m happy.”
                 “Me too.”

            Back in the present, Jo quickly opened her eyes and shook her head. Then she charged for Rond and both swords clashed together.


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