Rouge Toons
Author: Bobby South

Chapter 16
The Real Jane Rond and Joanna Bayboy (part two)

After a ten minute break with everyone getting a drink and an ice cream and going to the bathroom (even the queue was very long), the court was back in session.

“Miss McLoon, how long have you got left to tell?” asked CIC.

“This’ll take, like, seven minutes at most,” said Shirley.

“Fine, fine, just get on with it, then,” said CIC.

Shirley resumed her position. She showed a dressing room where an exhausting Joanna Bayboy was sitting at her mirror putting her makeup on.

Brendian entered the room. “Okay, Jo, listen up. Before we leave for your third hundredth concert tomorrow, we have to go over to Texas to open up their new geothermal power plant. Then you are booked for dinner with Fluff Daddy and we have to go over to the children cancer hospital – ”

“Oh, why do I need to see those kids?” snapped Jo. “Haven’t I been charitable enough to help those poor – ” Then her moaning was stopped when her face was smacked by a pig hoof.

“Keep speaking to me like that,” said Brendian, “and I’ll hit you again.”

“That’s the twentieth time you’ve hit me this month,” moaned Jo.

“You keep acting like a diva,” said Brendian, “and I’ll smack you more times and harder.”

“How much harder can you – ”

SMACK! Jo got her answer when she saw her head was hit by a mallet. “Do you know that I am a superstar?” she asked.

“It’s only been a year and a half,” said Brendian. “Besides, I would keep hitting you and argue with you if you were popular for half a century. Just showing to you that the world does not revolve around you nor will it ever will.” And, with that, the pig agent slammed the door behind her.

Jo just smiled a mean smile. “Oh, yes, it will and you will be the first to bow before me.”

Hannah flew up. “Excuse me?”

Everyone looked at her.

“I have to ask, Jane,” said Hannah. “We know you found out about Jo’s magic but how did you find out more about her magic and her species and everything?”

“Ask Shirley,” said Rond. “She’s the one who knows everything about me.”

The vision showed Brendian in the New York Public Library. She was surrounded by piles of books. But what was she studying?

“Magic?” cried Buster. “You studied magic?”

“Can you grant a giant bag of money right in front of me?” asked Plucky.

“I’m a spy, not a genie,” said Rond. “Besides, as I was studying magic over there – ” she pointed to Shirley’s vision. “ – I read in a paragraph that legend has it that the last Teenager of the Forest named Boffrey is predicted to take over the world to avenge the world.

“Boffrey?” said Sweetie. “Doesn’t taste delicious.”

“It doesn’t,” said Rond. “Especially since I strongly believe that is Joanna Bayboy’s real name, because she fits the bill with her magic powers and it explained why she wasn’t with her true family or her kind and why she was acting like a diva.”

“So that why you joined this spy service?” asked CIC.

“No,” said Rond. “But keeping watching and you’ll see in a minute why I joined you.”

In the library, Brendian’s phone rang. She answered it.

“BRENDIAN!” screamed Jo’s voice. “I WANT – ”

“Shh!” whispered Brendian.  “You’re screaming in a library.”
     “Well, you’re the one in it,” said Jo. “Now, I need my Starbuck’s coffee before I shoot my music theatre in fifteen minutes. Oh, and my friend Tina would like a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.”



After five minutes, Brendian arrived and gave Jo her coffee first because she knew she’d only complained. Brendian also let the pop star dipped her finger in the cream of Tina Heman’s hot chocolate and pinch a few marshmallows without being thanked before she gave the rest to Tina.

Then it was time for Jo’s and Tina’s music video to be filmed. As they were approaching, Tina started to groan and started to collapse. Jo held her as the very ill pop star struggled to breath.

“What’s going on?” demanded Fluff Daddy.

“I think Tina’s been poisoned,” said Jo.

“Poisoned?” cried Fluff Daddy. “How?”

“It was Brendian over there who gave her the hot chocolate,” said Jo, pointing to her.

Brendian gasped. “I got it from Starbuck’s. Five star rating from the health inspectors.”

“Wait, look!” cried Jo. “What can I see in this cup?”
      Fluff Daddy and everyone except Brendian looked in.

Fluff Daddy smelled the chocolate. “It smells like toxic.”

“She must have been the toxic in,” said a guard, who was trying to point at Brendian, but she wasn’t there.

“Shut down the studio!” yelled Fluff Daddy. “Capture that toxic pig!”

“But by the time he mentioned that, I was out of Hollywood for good,” said Rond. “Then I was in Manchester, I found about billionaire Brian Bones attempting to bomb his own companies for compensation and I stopped them before P.E.E.L.E.D. could and then you guys found me and you know the rest.”

“You ran out of Hollywood without a fight?” cried Dr. Scratchensniff.

“If I told you that Jo had poisoned her ‘friend’ Tina Heman,” said Rond, “would you believe me?”

“Is that why you gave us a fake identity?” asked CIC.

“If I didn’t, you would turn me over straight away,” said Rond.

“Makes you wish you met your friends and their friends here earlier than you did because you could never clear your name by yourself, eh, Brendian?” said Mersei.

Rond just stuck her tongue at her.  

“Anyone else before I turn Rond over to the prosecutor?” asked Paulson.

“Me, sir.”

“Rise,” said Paulson.

Rond along with everyone was surprised when one Jelix Fighter took the witness stand.

“The court recognizes one Jelix Fighter, a Bother from the island of Bestorush,” said CIC. “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole and nothing else or whatever?”

“I swear,” said Fighter, putting his hand up.

“What do you have to say in Rond’s defence?” asked Paulson.

“Didn’t she push you off the cliff when you tried to take the orbs from her and her friends?” asked Mersei.

“She did,” confessed Fighter. “But it was all a little misunderstanding.”

“Why did you leave your own kind in the first place?” asked Plucky.

“I didn’t leave,” said Fighter. “I was banished from the island by Jane’s friend. When she arrived, she promised if my people and all the other inhabitants served her, she would make life easier and happier for everyone. What they didn’t know was her plans to use us for taking over this world. When I found, I knew no one would believe me and I had to find out her weakness. Then I heard her moaning about orbs and I thought if I found them first, I could destroy them and free my people and our neighbours from Elsa the Drama Queen.”

“Thank you, Mr. Fighter,” said CIC.

“Excuse me,” said Rond. “Can I ask the witness one question?”

“One final question before your sentence is passed,” said CIC.

“Well, what is?” demanded Fighter.

“Do you have a head for heights?” asked Rond, pressing her earring on her right ear.

“What?” Then Fighter screamed as he fell down.

Everyone gasped as he and Rond, after pressing her left ear, vanished from their positions.

“After them!” ordered CIC.

“I’m afraid it might be too late!” cried In-G. She got out a black remote with a red button. The floor rumbled and everyone fell down as the floor split into two. Everyone looked down to see Rond and Fighter fall further and further away from them. Then two fast objects fell from the ceiling above them and they flew down.



“Falling down at a million feet with no jetpack, no parachute or anything to stop us from hitting anything down below!” cried Fighter. “Are you crazy?”
            “Who said I didn’t have anything?” Rond pushed her arms and legs out and leaned back.

       “What are you doing?” Then Fighter got his answer when he saw the pig spy leaned into her iron suit. It automatically closed up.

Then his vision looked like it taken over by a computer screen. He could still see the clouds but it was like his eyes were stuck to a video game screen.

Then he felt his whole body was sinking. He looked down to see his whole body was in fact covered in metal.

J.A.N.Y.I.S, help Mr. Fighter gain balance,” Rond’s voice said.

Then his body gained balance.

“What is going on?” Fighter demanded.

Congratulations,” said Rond’s voice.

Fighter looked ahead to see Iron Pig waving to him.

You have just earned the superhero name of Tar Machine,” said Rond’s voice.

“Don’t tell you’re Iron Pig.”
      How did you know?” asked Iron Pig.

“It’s obvious.”
     Well, enough wasting time,” said Iron Pig. “We have three friends to save and an evil queen to defeat. Let’s go. You’ll learn how to handle your suit on the way.”

Iron Pig zoomed off, leaving Tar Machine behind.

“Uh, what was her name?” he asked. “Jane Wrist? Janny? Jammy? Jam Port?”

Yes, sir?” called J.A.N.Y.I.S.

“Can I get a quick boost?” asked Tar Machine.

Hold on, sir,” said J.A.N.Y.I.S.

“Hold on?” Tar Machine soon found himself zooming ahead, screaming his head off. He even zoomed past Iron Pig.

How are you doing?” asked Iron Pig.

I think I’m going to throw up,” said Tar Machine.

Then Iron Pig heard a vomiting sound.

In-G is not going to like this,” Iron Pig said to herself.



“I don’t like it already,” moaned In-G. “She’s still taking my iron suits!”

“Iron suits?” said Babs

“With an ‘S’ at the end, yes,” said the stressed-out firebird.

The toons looked at each other and smiled.

“Oh, no!” said CIC. “No one is taking anymore iron suits! That’s an order! Agents, with me!”

“Well, what are we suppose to do for the rest of the story?” demanded Slappy. “I’m too important to be an extra.”
        “Go and rescue our three friends,” said Hannah who was still with them.

  “Who are you?” asked Minerva.

  “I’m Hannah, step-daughter of In-G,” replied Hannah. “I can take you to where we keep our iron suits and gadgets and everything.”
        “Then let’s go!” cried Plucky.

  “But, like, why are you helping us?” Shirley asked the little firebird.

  “Because I don’t have many friends,” said Hannah. “Hamton, Rita and Runt are the only friends I’ve had, besides Jane who I consider to be my sister.”
        “Aww,” said the cast.

  “Sorry to break the sympathetic moment,” said Bobby, “but we must get a move on.”

  “Right,” said Hannah. “Follow me.”

  They all followed her.


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