The M.H.X. Chronicals
Author: marshalg

Chapter 5
An Astounding Reciprocosity


Through my mixed and colored life

I have worked for quite a blend,

Some firms were strong and some were weak

Some drove me round the bend.

There was always aggravation

To a high or low degree,

In cooperative destinations

Between the management and me.


Historically the standoff

Was precipitated by

Differing criteria

In the end case apple pie.

Please don’t place me in a pigeon hole

As being difficult to please,

For generally, I slot in well

And work amiably with ease.


It’s the mode of expectation

Which generates the rough,

When demands exceed the reasonable

And good sweat is not enough.

Or the factored pay is miserable

And a miserly approach,

Means appreciation’s minimal

For this overpaid cockroach.


But here, there is a freshness.

Here a good mind rules,

Here we enjoy give and take

Here there are few fools.

Outstanding are  the policies

Which make us feel we count,

In contributing to the progress

As the progress starts to mount.


Rewards for application,

Acknowledgement of gain,

Tangible appreciation

Of our effort and the pain.

And the blazing wonder,

The mighty wonder to recall

Is the immediate reciprocosity

By we workers, one and all.


For we strive to meet the deadlines

We run that extra mile,

We shovel heavy mud

In lousy weather, wet and wild.

We gladly bend our backs to prove

That we endeavor to achieve

Those  goals of high accomplishment 

That our employers have conceived.


I’ve spoken to the boys today

And they pretty much agree

That this astounding reciprocosity

Is right for all, mutually.

We appreciate your effort,

We appreciate your care,

We commit with you to M.H.X. 

In seeking excellence and flair.



With appreciation for getting the recipe right to Beca, Fletcher’s Engineering , Higgins and NZTA





Mangere Bridge

12 June 2009 


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