Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 8
Life isn't a pot of tea

Zoey looked up at me with tears in her eyes. She climbed up out of the tub with some blood dripping down her arms. I grabbed her in my arms and she wrapped her arms around me. I looked into her eyes and saw my reflection in the pupils. I closed my eyes and kissed her. She didn’t resist or anything, she just went free and kissed back.
I continued to kiss her as I turned the knob on the shower. As we stepped in the hot water hit her face, dripping off her hair and onto my chest. She gripped my hair and massaged some shampoo through it. I grabbed some of the body wash and rubbed it all over her body.
Her tongue slipped inside my mouth and swirled around. We then both fell onto the shower floor smiling. It was happening! My god it was happening! Zoey looked at me and kissed me one last time and we were done.
I sat on the side of the bed looking into her eyes. Brice lay sprawled across the bed asleep like an angel sleeping through hell. Only god knew what the was going on inside that little boys head. Dreadful things, for god sake the boy was five months old and had already lost almost his entire family. I was the only one left. The rest of us were all he had to survive.
Zion came out of the shower stumbling like he'd been drugged. I laughed. "You okay?", I said chuckling as he fell onto the couch in some clothes he'd borrowed from Ruby.
Zoey came stumbling out after him. Alyssa and I looked at them. "Oh god!", she yelled. "Did you guys-" "Shut up!", said Zion.
Me and Zion brought Brice into our room and lay him down on the bed. I hit Zion on the side of the head. "Ow!", he hollered. I looked at him in amazement. “Really! You're acting like you had no idea what you just did!”, I howled at him. “She was trying to cut her-”, he began to say before I stopped him. "Damn it Zion that doesn't mean you have to...you know what I mean."
I eventually fell asleep. Yeah it was hard, but I some how managed to do it. The next morning was the same. Go to work and do our job. Kelani was the first to finish his breakfast and the first to walk out the door. We didn’t want to leave him, so I picked up my waffle and left with him, as so did the others.
Zion, Zoey, Alyssa, and I were quiet all day, because of what happened. I often gave Zion uneasy looks throughout the day, but he did his best to make it unnoticeable. Today we were located in downtown london once again at the London Bridge Hospital.
Everyone except Alyssa knew about hospitals at this time. I began to tear up thinking about that hospital where my dad worked. “Damn! Not another one of these hell holes!”, said Michael in disappointment. I looked up at the top of the building and heard the screeches of those infected bastards. “All we have to do is kill them and maybe find some survivors”, I said trying to stay calm. What was the use though. Everyone knew each and everyone of us was as nervous as hell.
Kelani and I ran to the building next door to us so we could snipe from the roof. “How the hell do you think we're going to get to the top”, said Kelani. ”Run up the stairs dumbass!” Kelani looked at me. “What the hell did you think we were going to do, climb the building?”, I said.
While we were walking up the stairs we heard that scream. It sounded like it came from Flossy ( Ruby little sister). ”Oh god”, I said in panic as I ran up the stairs. When I got to the top I looked behind me for Kelani and he was not there. I looked through my scope the found the creatures and began firing my rifle. By the time Kelani got up to the roof I killed them all. ”Holy shit, how many were there” said Kelani. I gave him an exhausted look. “Oh It was nothing”, I said panting. “Only twelve.”
Alyssa and I heard gunshots and started heading over there. By the time we got there all the creatures were shot in some place or another. We all saw a little girl standing next to them. She said she had been working at the Protectors medical section for a while and thats why we hadn’t seen her. Then we see Nolan and Kelani come out of one of the buildings surrounding the square. How did you do this?, I said in surprise. They looked at each other worn out. “We found her!”, said Nolan. I looked at him like he had gone mad. “Ok! Who the hell is she?!”, I said worried. “Flossy. She’s Ruby’s little sister”, he said. “She’s been in this hospital working for the protectors at a care center located inside. It must have been destroyed during an attack.”
Flossy stood in between Nolan and Kelani. Alyssa and Zoey walked next to her as we dragged our tired bodies to the pickup spot.
It wasn’t long before the helicopter appeared in the sky. We all began cheering as it got closer to the ground. I looked at Zion. “Damn! That thing is awfully loud!”, I said trying to talk over the noise. Just then something hit me. The helicopter wasn’t the one making the loud noise. It sounded nothing like a helicopter. The noise kept getting louder and louder and I had no idea what it was. Darting my head left and right, I tried to find the object that emitted the deafening noise. Then I saw it in the distance as a line of smoke appeared. It kept getting longer and longer the louder it got, and I realised that what was about to happen wasn’t good. Missiles flew through the sky coming straight for us. The others began running as I just stood there doing nothing. I couldn’t move even though I wanted to. It was just too shocking that it froze me. All of a sudden a blast was heard and pieces of the helicopter began falling all over the place. That is when I started to run. I was the last one to make it in the Protectors medical base. They told us to help them moved the injured into bunker. BY the time we were all in the bunker Nolan ran up the stairs to close the door.After the missiles stopped I walked back up the stairs so that I could open the door. We all walked out and I saw a body in the Square. I ran out to see who it was. It was Jackson on the ground with a piece of one of the rudders from the helicopter in his chest.
At Jackson’s memorial I was up talking to tell what he did ”He was the first of us that were in the crash to kill one of those creatures , he was a good friend to all of us…….Now lets pray, Nathan stood up tears dripping down his face.
“Father, I just want you to take him from this hell on Earth and take him with you. He didn't deserved to live that short of a life. He was brave and, courageous, and never gave up. Amen.
One Hour Later
We were all in the dining room eating dinner but, none of us wanted to eat “I hope this isn't how it was going to be every time someone dies” I said. I was the only one who had eaten all of their food, because in the past two years I had lost three people close to me. I was on the roof looking for anybody, because of what had happened earlier. Nathan was up on the roof with me.
He stared at me again. “You're right”, he said. “Nothing is going to be the same.”

To be continued...


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