Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 7
First Day on the Job

I woke up well rested for the first time in several days. I went to sleep last night knowing I was safe for now. Ruby woke us up. “Come on lets go! You don’t want to be late on the first day now do you?” We woke up and joined all the others downstairs for breakfast. We ate pancakes, and fruit with some milk. It was a good breakfast. “You need your energy for the day”, said Ruby.
I looked at Kelani. “Guess what that bastard did last night”, I said to him as I pointed at Zion. Kelani shrugged his shoulders as Zion began laughing. “That brat put kool aid powder in the shower head!”, I exclaimed. Everyone began laughing at me and high fiving Zion. I sighed when all of a sudden it hit me. I found a way to get back at him. Right before we left, I gave Brice to Nolan’s aunt to take care of. Then we were off.
We walked out the door and down the street to The Protectors base. The streets of London were much more quiet than I always pictured them to be. We saw many kids in the base that looked at us joyfully as we walked to the backroom. In the very back of the room sat a man that looked like he was in his late 20’s or early 30’s. “Commander S, I have brought the protectors new members. Commander S looked up at us and smiled. “Thank you Ruby. Go to the armory now.”, he said. “Well, well, well! It looks like we have some new members. I am Commander Saltwell, but you can call me Commander S.” “Yes sir!”, we all said.
He went into the back and grabbed some uniforms along with some equipment. “Put these on”, he said. I went to the back to change clothes. The uniforms fit like a glove and were pretty cool, but the helmet looked a lot cooler. A whistle came included so we could blow it in case we had an emergency along with a knife that we could put in our very own knife pouch.
He looked at all of us in our uniforms. “You're just missing one thing. He gave us each our own pistol that also came with a holder put on our waist. “You will get a different weapons like shotguns and rifles in the armory. “Thank you sir”, I said as we went off to the armory.
A man was heard hollering as we walked in. “Come on! Come on! Hurry up and get on thee chopper! He was talking to us so we all had to pick our weapons fast. Me, Michael, Zion, and Jackson had shotguns. Alyssa and Zoey had a light machine guns, and Kelani and Nolan grabbed snipers. We boarded the choppers and began our flight into downtown London.
The pilot looked at us. “I want you guys to search for more survivors near The Eye and on the wheel”, he said as we nodded. “Yes sir!”, we said as we got off the chopper. I had seen the London Eye before. It was that really famous ferris wheel in London that is extremely tall. Nolan and Kelani would climb inside The Eye and snipe from inside the carts and search carts for other survivors. The rest of us patrolled the area searching for survivors or killing any of the undead we saw. We wandered the area for a while, but found nothing. Nolan and Kelani didn’t seem to see anything either.
Alyssa and Zoey decided to start searching for survivors in the carts. While that went on Nolan and Kelani continued searching.
“Damn Nolan! Nothing has happened.” Nolan nodded. “Much better than America though. We can all admit that”, he said. “However, it’s not pure. It still has some infected.” I looked at Nolan for a while, then back into the scope.
“Kelani?” “Yes”, I said. “You think my cousins hot don’t you”, he said. I looked at him. “What? No I don’t I would never-” “Kelani… don’t lie.” I sighed. “Fine! I’ll admit I do, but honestly I think the others do too. Yet I’m not positive about Nathan.” Nolan nodded. “He seems to have his eyes on Alyssa and by the looks of it I think she is into him too”, he said. “Enough with the Chit Chat; back to work.
We hopped from building to building with Surprisingly I found another group on a rooftop. I tried to identify the faces of the members. Then I saw them. “What do you know”, I said. “It’s Ruby and some of the other members. I looked at them for a while and Nolan searched some more. When I was about to search look more I saw a horde approaching from behind them. I blew the whistle as loud as possible.
“What the hell was that for”, said Nolan. The helicopter came flying for us. “The chopper! Let’s get on!”, I said. Nolan looked at me. “Kelani” “Yes”, I said. “Were at the top of The Eye and you know how slow this goes.” I nodded. “To get there on time were going to have to jump of this!”
We began running back to the eye to board the helicopter. “Get on!”, hollered the pilot. We flew into the air and next to The Eye. I saw Kelani open the door. “Oh god! Pilot do you think you can get closer? The pilot gave me a disappointed look. “I’m sorry, but you guys will have to jump there”, I said to them. He ran as fast as possible and landed right on the edge. “That wasn’t that bad”, he said.
Zoey looked at Kelani. “Come on it’s not that bad”, she said. Kelani closed his eyes, ran, and took a giant leap towards the chopper. “Ahhhhhhhh!”, he screamed as he almost fell off, remained latched on by his hands to the edge. Me and Michael pulled him up into the chopper as he collapsed to the ground.
“Hurry up! Come on!”, said Nolan to the pilot. The pilot looked back annoyed. “KId. Shut the hell up! I’m flying as fast as I can”, said the pilot. I looked back to see Ruby running towards the chopper along with another boy. “Get on! Hurry!”, screamed Alyssa. They both jumped off the building into the chopper as the undead chasing them plummeted to their death. Ruby and the boy were breathing loudly. Kelani snipped some of creatures as we flew off to base.
I looked in the back of the chopper and could tell that the guys were going to be disappointed. Nolan looked back and jumped ten feet into the air. Ruby and the boy were making out in the back.
“Holly crap! Romeo, get the hell off Juliet! That’s my cousin you little bastard!” We all turned around to see the two lovebirds sharing the worm. I could see the disappointed looks on all the guy’s faces (except for Nolan). I laughed as I wrapped my arm around Alyssa. “It’s funny how disappointed they are”, she said. I chuckled. “They should've known from the start they didn't have a chance.”
My shower wasn’t working. Were not positive, but I think it may be the kool aid that I put in it. We had to use the room number one shower. I walked through the room where Alyssa sat with Nathan. Nathan waved as I walked into the bathroom and began taking off my uniform.
I heard water running and thought somebody had forgot to turn it off. When I pulled back the curtain what I saw scared the crap out of me. “No!”, I screamed as I slapped the knife out of Zoey’s hands.
To be continued...


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