Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 6
The Protectors

“Damn!”, I screamed. Everyone in the camp began freaking out. “Grab your stuff and get out of here”, said Michael. We all grabbed our weapons and left everything else behind. Brice was with Zion who wasn’t going very fast. “Zion!”, I hollered. “Hand me Brice!” Zion ran closer to me so I could receive the baby. Brice flew into my arms and me and Zion darted off towards the others.
“Crap! How long will we be running?”, asked Zoey. Jackson looked at her. “No idea. I guess until someone helps us or we are murdered by them”, he said. “Wow Jackson! I love your positive thinking!”, said Kelani sarcastically. “Will you guys shut up?!”, screamed Alyssa. Uncle stewart collapsed. “Oh crap!”, I screamed. I ran back to him. “Nathan! What the hell do you think you're doing?!”, screamed Nolan. “Saving my uncle!”, I said nervously. “Damn it Nathan he’s gone!”, said Noan. “He’s not going to make it.” I looked at my uncle as the horde approached behind him. “Run Nathan run!”, he screamed as they piled on top of him. I looked away and ran as the screams of my uncle hit me in every direction.
Several minutes later we were still running for our lives. “I don’t know if I can run much longer”, said Nolan breathing hardly. None of us could. Just as we were about to give up all hope it appeared in the sky. We were saved! A helicopter landed in the forest. The pilot opened the door. “Get on!”, he hollered at all of us. We boarded the helicopter barely able to walk up the steps to the entrance. The door closed and we were off into the air once again.
The pilot looked at us. “What the hell are a bunch of kids doing in the middle of the forest?”, he said with his accent. I smiled at the sound of his accent. I have always loved British accents. Mainly because I loved the Harry Potter movies when I was little, but whatever. Nolan spoke up. “We crashed here trying to find my aunts house”, he said. “Then we were attacked by those things. What were you doing flying out here?” “Survivors. London has a group known as the protectors. I help recruit them by searching for survivors in certain places. If you want to you can join protectors. You just need to be older than ten and by the looks of you guys I’d say you're about 12, 13, or 14.” “12 and 13”, I said. “We’ll think about it, but right now we need to get to my aunt’s house”, said Nolan. The pilot nodded. “Address?”, he said. “1342 Timothy Ln NW4 London”, he said. The pilot smiled and typed something into a gps. We swerved to the right and went straight into the city of London.
The city was gorgeous even though it has been experiencing the apocalypse. I had never seen anything like it. We passed Big Ben. My god it was enormous. Much bigger than it looked on T.V and movies. “It’s beautiful!, said Alyssa. All of us looked in at the clock tower with open mouths.
The flight was amazing with so much scenery. We were kind of disappointed when we landed, but glad to be in some form of safety. Nolan knocked on the door and we waited. Nothing happened. We were about to ring the doorbell when a teenage girl appeared in the doorway. Her eyes widened. “Nolan! What the hell are you doing here in England?!”, she said. I looked around at the other guys watching the her. Their eyes were fixed on her body. I hit Zion in the side. “Quit looking at her like that” I said. “But she’s ho-” “I know, I know”, I said. “But it’s weird. That’s Nolans cousin!” He quit staring at her and hit the other guys in the side to get them to stop.
“We figured it would be a little bit safer here Ruby”, said Nolan. “Well not by much”, she said. “But it’s worth the try. Come in” We all stepped inside.
“Whoa! Not a bad place you got here”, said Zoey. Brice began smiling at the sight of the house. It was huge. We all began exploring the home. Zion went with Zoey into the dining room and sat on the couch. “My gosh Ruby! This is the most comfortable couch I have ever sat on”, said Zion. “I must admit it is quitey comfy”, said Ruby. Zoey sat down. “Whoa!” She sank into the cushion like a robber in quicksand.
Meanwhile Nolan showed Me, Alyssa, and Michael around the house. “Here is the five different bathrooms and the five bedrooms. Down stairs we have the kitchen and in the basement we have a T.V and several couches.” There sure was a lot of stuff to see in this house.
Jackson and Kelani were downstairs in the kitchen searching for food. We heard them scream as we toured one of the bathrooms. “Jerky! We found beef Jerky!”, they screamed. Everyone ran into the kitchen. A a lady came out of one of the unexplored rooms.”What’s all this ruckus I hear about Jerky?” Her eyes lit up. “Nolan!” She ran up to him and gave him a hug. “Thank god you're ok. How did you get here?” Nolan looked at us. “Me and my friends survived a plane crash and an attack. A man in a helicopter rescued us and took us here.”, he said. His aunt looked at us. “You guys are welcome to stay as long as you want. We have plenty of room. In fact we have way too much room for such few people”, she said. Kelani looked around and laughed. “I can tell.”
We all sat in the basement. I looked at Ruby. “Can you tell us about the protectors Ruby?”, I asked. Ruby looked at me. “Funny you should ask”, she said as she unzipped her jacket to show her uniform. It was blue and had padding in the arms and legs. She then pulled a helmet from her closet. “Your apart of the protectors?”, said Zoey. Ruby nodded. “Indeed I am.” “Do you think they could use some help?”, asked Michael. “Are you guys asking to be recruited?” We all nodded and she smiled. “Ok, but I must warn you that it’s a very dangerous job. “It can’t be like anything we’ve ever been through”, I said. She nodded. “Alright. You can come to work with me tomorrow. Then you can become members.”
We went off to our assigned bedrooms. Alyssa and Zoey were in room number one, Zion and Me were in room 2, Nolan and Kelani were in room 3, Michael and Jackson were in room 4, and Ruby and her Mom were in room 5. Each room had it’s own shower and bathroom so we had to take turns showering. Zion got his shower first so I had to wait for him to get out. I wanted to get clean in hot water, because I sure as hell wasn’t going to bathe in that icy river.
I looked at the clock in the corner of our room. If he wasn’t out in five minutes he was going to get it. Thankfully for him, he got out in three minutes. He walked out of the bathroom and I elbowed him in his side. “What the heck dude!”, he said. I walked into the shower and turned on the water. I was sprayed with red water and I screamed. Zion began laughing at me as I began putting my clothes back on. “You jerk!”, I yelled as he continued laughing. I began whipping him with the towel.”Ha! Ha! Ow! Ha! Ow! Ow! Ow!” Zoey walked in. “What the hell are you two doing?!”, she said. Me and Zion looked at her.
“Get to bed”, she said as she left the room. Zion snickered as I walked back into the shower. I waited till the shower water was clear again and then stepped in. I applied the soap to my body only to find out it wasn’t soap and that Zion thought it would be funny to replace soap for tooth paste. I frowned for a while and decided to just soak in the water. It was better than nothing.
I walked back into the bedroom where Zion was still laughing. “I got you good”, he said between breaths. “Shut up”, I said. He looked away and both we were both off to sleep. Besides, we had a big day tomorrow.

To be continued...


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