Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 5
Never the Same

“Nathan!”, screamed Zion. I looked at him as tears filled my eyes. We were all holding on for our lives. I felt the air pulling me out of the hole. My dad came running straight for me and pushed me out. I pulled myself up on one of the seats and looked back. “Dad!”, I screamed. Brice was crying loudly. I clenched him tight in my arms hoping he’d calm down. I looked into my Dad’s face as he held on for dear life. I tear dripped down the side of his cheek. I looked into his eyes and began to cry. “No! It doesn’t have to end like this!”, I screamed. He looked at me. “I’m sorry!”, he said. Right then and there he let go. He flew off the plane and into the tall pines.
“Noooooooo!”, I screamed. The plane was going down now. My uncle sat in the cockpit trying to steer us to safety, but it was no use. “Crap!”, said Kelani. “I don’t think we're going to make it!” The pines were growing bigger as we got closer to the ground. The plane was pulling up a little, but we were still heading for the ground. All of a sudden there was a lot of bumping as each one of us was thrashed all over the place. We ran into many trees and slid across the dirt uprooting plants.
I stumbled out of the pane and began crying even louder. “Why?!”, I screamed. I looked at my friends. They were scraped up from head to toe and looked disturbed. I just sat there and looked into the endless forest. Michael sat down next to me and gave me Brice. “I’m sorry about your dad”, he said. I looked to the sky feeling I had lost everything. “So many things. People I loved are now dead because of those things!” Michael turned away for a while as I continued to talk. “Mom, Dad, Johnnie, who was next? You guys? I can’t afford to lose another one of you guys. There is almost no reason for me here any more”, I said angrily. Michael looked at me. “Yes there is", he said as he pointed at Brice. I looked down at the baby who sat in my arms.
“You're the only reason I have left to live”, I whispered in his ear. Zoey walked out of the plane staggering like a drunken man. “What the hell do we do now?”, she questioned. Uncle Stewart walked out of the cockpit. We’ll just have to camp here for now”, he said. I ran back into the plane. Kelani was bleeding and Alyssa was sitting in a fetal position. I grabbed her hand and gave her a hug. “I’m sorry about your father”, she said in my ear. Zion looked at me. “When is this all going to end?”, he said. I looked at him with an unsure expression. “I don't know”, I said. “But I hope that when it’s over life will go back to normal.” “Nathan. Life will never be normal ever again, even if this does end. Our families are all gone. Nothing will ever be the same.", said Nolan. I stared at him angrily, began to realize something.
He was right. For once Nolan was right about something. Damn the fact it wasn't good that he was right. Nobody wanted to be told something like that. I lay my head in my arms and sighed.
Kelani began wrapping a cloth around his arm. "Well we're not going to survive doing nothing!", said Kelani. " We better get to it. Nathan, Alyssa, Zion, and Michael will gather food, water, and wood while the rest of us find and build shelter", he said.
We all did as we were told and the four of us went off into the woods searching for supplies. I looked at Alyssa. "Do you think there is any streams nearby?", I asked. "I don't hear anything", she said. Zion and Michael stopped. "What is it?", I said. "Water! Water! Water!", they screamed. We ran to the stream. Michael dumped his face in the stream and sipped some up. "This is the best water I have ever tasted!", he exclaimed. Our faces began glowing with joy as we all bent over to drink from the stream.
We had to alert the others. As we ran back to where the others were I heard a noise in the bushes. I looked in the shrubs to find a little mouse scurrying about on the forest floor. "Don't worry guys it's just a little mou-" all of a sudden I heard Alyssa screaming. I turned around to look at one of the creatures attacking her. I ran straight towards it and tackled it off of her. It was going crazy on me trying to bite me. As I began to think it was game over, I heard a shotgun shot. The creature fell off as I looked at Jackson and the rest of the group.
"Damn Jackson! You could have shot me!", I screamed at him. "Shut the hell up!, he said. "You could have been bitten!" It made sense. I'm glad he wasn't going to watch me die and do nothing about it.
"We found water", said Zion. We all began setting up camp by the stream so we could get water quick.

Night was falling and it was time for us to hit the hay. We had no blankets so we had to use leaves or jackets. Later in the night I saw Alyssa shivering and sneezing. I scooted over by her and took off my jacket so I could keep her warm. I touched her skin as I placed the warm jacket on top of her. She was ice cold, and I felt bad for her. As she shivered I wrapped my arms around her body. She felt for my arms and latched them to her chest. She leaned got up to give me a kiss and then went back to sleep. I was surprised. I had never been kissed by a girl my age before except for my cousin. She pulled my arms back over her and we fell asleep.

The next morning we were all starved. The beef jerky was almost gone and we needed to be full on protein. Michael and I were sent to hunt with Jakes rifle. We buried ourselves in the cold leaves and waited for game to appear. "God I have no idea what we will find out here ", said Michael. I shrugged at him. "Maybe a rabbit if were lucky", I said. Michael gave me a worried face. "How the hell are we getting out of this forest?" Just then we saw it. It was a deer! Yes we had found a deer! Our mouths were watering at the sight of the food in front of us, but as hungry as we were we had to remain quiet. We didn't want the deer running off. Then we'd both be pissed.
"Quiet! Quiet!", I said. A noise came from over the hill. The dear began looking around anxiously and ran away. "Damn it", said Michael as just then a thought hit me. "Michael I think we have a bigger problem than food loss. Run! Run!" , I screamed as we ran to the camp only to turn around and see the horde of them charging at us.

To be continued...


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