Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 4
Dallas at Last

I sat there gasping for air. Nolan’s eyes were tired and weary. Michael seemed to just sit there doing nothing as if what he had seen had paralyzed him. Alyssa sat next to Zion, Jackson, and Me in the back. Zion looked at me. “Who the hell is this?” I looked at Zion and back at her. “A survivor”, I said. “Damn!”, said Kelani. “How long is this going to last?” “I don’t know”, Zoey wondered. Most of us were asleep now. Michael and Nolan were the first to hit the hay. Brice was sleeping in my arms and Alyssa was beginning to yawn and lean on my shoulder. Zion, Me, and Kelani’s mission was to keep my dad awaked, because he often dozed off. I was trying to stay awake so that I could keep my dad up. “Come on dad! There’s a pot of bacon in Dallas!” When I finally fell asleep we woke up only several hours later.
They all woke up at the sight of first light. It was snowing; we finally made it to Dallas! We still had to make it to Alaska, but this was a good pitstop. We could get there faster if we found my uncle. Stewart was a pilot who helped fight during the Vietnam War, so he had some experience flying. He could get us to Alaska in no time. We pulled into the house of my uncle and knocked on the wood and glass door. My uncle came out with his shotgun and looked at us with a surprised face. “Nathan!”, he said. “What in the world are you doing here?”I introduced everyone to my uncle. We came in and had some breakfast. He was making eggs over a fire and bacon out of some of the pigs that lived on the farm. We told him about our plan to get to Alaska. Stewart looked at us like we were crazy, but we were able to convince him to fly us. He talked a while about what we would do when we got to Alaska. He said we would leave in an hour to get up to the base. We all decided to listen to a radio station. Dad held Brice in his arms while he danced to the tunes. Michael and Nolan sat drinking cups of hot cocoa, and Zion and Zoey seemed to be talking more than usual. I just sat on the couch with Alyssa while she talked more about her life at home. I told her about what happened to my family. Near the end of one song he said that it was time to go.
As we began walking out the door a radio interruption went off and we listened to the dreadful news. It was president Barack Obama. I looked at the radio with a gaping mouth. “I’m sorry to inform you that due to the fever, North America is going to be bombed. In 24 hours planes will fly above Mexico, Canada, and the U.S dropping several nuclear weapons hoping to wipe out the fever. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but take the next 24 hours to do what you need to do to survive.
“God damn!”, said Kelani. Uncle Stewart looked as if he didn’t know what to do. We all were puzzled. “Uncle Stewart, do we have the power to get across the ocean?”, I said. “I’m afraid not Nathan. Unless we were to grab a plane from the airport. Zion looked up. “That’s it!”, he said. “What?” “We have to sneak into the airport and fly one of the passenger planes”, he said. Everyone looked at him like he was crazy. “Those airports are flooded with those creatures!”, screamed Zoey. “Look Zoey! I don’t give two craps about your opinion, but think about this. Were either going to be undead supper or a piece of overburnt toast in the next 24 hours anyway, so I say that we take the chance of getting into that plane and making it out alive!”, screamed Nolan.
We all looked at Nolan and seemed to agree. There was only one problem. Where the hell were we going to go? We thought about this for a while. Just like toast coming out of a toaster, Nolan’s head popped up straight to the sky. “The U.K! I have family in England!” My uncle looked at him for a while and stood up. “Ok. The U.K it is! Lets get to that airport!” Nolan grabbed the rifle, me and my uncle got a shotgun, Dad took the pistol, Jackson had his sledge, Kelani had the axe, and Zion, Michael, and Zoey carried bats with the addition of Brice who was carried by Zoey. We hopped in the car and drove to the airport. Alyssa began talking to me. “I haven’t been on a plane in a long time. I wonder what the airport looks like now?” I smiled at her. There was something about her sense of humor that made me smile even when the world was in anarchy. Just then a thought came to mind. “Oh crap!” “What?”, she said. “You don’t have a weapon!” I looked at Zoey. “Zoey, do you still have that pocket knife?”, I questioned. “Yeah”, she said. “Can I have it?” “Sure”, she said as she tossed it to me. I looked at her and thought “Why the heck did you just throw a knife-”, I stopped and realized what she had done. I gave the knife to Alyssa and Zoey began going off on how I just handed it to Alyssa, but threw it at her.
We arrived at the airport and just by the looks of the parking lot we knew we were in trouble. They were scattered all over the place. We got out and ran into the airport. Running down the halls we found dead bodies scattered around. We found where one of the planes had been leaving when the attack happened. We ran through the door to board the plane, but there was one problem. The sensors were still active. As we ran through the door the metal sensors went off because of the weapons and knives. The moment the alarm went off, the horde came right for us. “Oh crap!”, Michael screamed as we ran on to the plane.
My uncle got into the cockpit. Me, Zion, and Nolan ran to the door and closed it to block the horde. They began banging on the door shrieking at us and trying to get on. “You maggots aren’t getting on if this is the last thing I do before I die!”, hollered Zion. “Uncle Stewart, hurry up will you please?!”, I screamed. My uncle began taking off and we all sat down. I looked at the window and saw the creatures jumping through the door, but just hit the ground.
The plane was getting faster and faster and eventually we had been lifted off the ground. Everyone was relieved to be in the air and heading for a safer place. At least that is what we hoped it would be.
We were off to the U.K to get some safety from the fever. Of course it was still existing there, but we knew we weren't going to be made into French Fries. Nolan pulled out a deck of cards. “Magic anyone?”, he said as he delicately shuffled the deck. We all sat down as he dealt Zion four Aces. Nolan shuffled the deck and Zion shoved the Aces in randomly. Nolan split the deck and shuffled the deck three times. He then flipped over the top four cards to reveal that all the Aces were there.
11 hours later
I was awoken to a rattling sound. Tiptoeing around the room I searched for the noise while trying not to wake everyone else up. I looked at Alyssa as she slept. She still looked beautiful with messed up hair. Smiling I continued searching the plane for the noise. As I walked up to the plane towards the cockpit it got louder. Just then I realized it was coming from the door. It was loose! The noise was getting louder and louder, and I was becoming concerned. It then became so loud the rest of us were waking. “Oh crap!”, I screamed as I jumped out of the way.

The door was open and the air was suctioning me toward the edge of the plane thousands of feet over the forests of England.
To be continued...


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