Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 3

Zion just stood there wondering what he had done. He began to cry when Michael yelled out the window “Hurry up Zion!” Zion jumped into the car. “Oh crap!”, said Nolan “Do any of us know how to drive?” “Well, were sure not just going to sit here and do nothing!, I exclaimed.“Jackson or Nolan need to drive. They can probably reach the pedal. The rest of us need to defend the car.” Nolan went to the drivers seat and Jackson got in the passengers. He pressed on the gas and the car sped off. We might be getting away from them but we all thought that Nolan was going to kill us with his reckless driving.
We were almost to the hospital when the road got a little bumpy. It took us a while to realize that we were running over dead people. We thought the road was making crackling noises, but it was the sound of the spines breaking on Nolan’s out of control tires. All of a sudden there was a thud. The undead were trying to tip over our car by jumping on the sides and jerking the automobile towards them. More began piling up on both sides. “Son of a bitch!”, yelled Jackson as he nailed one of them in the face with the hammer. Zoey hid Brice on the floorboard. The windows began to break as we all smashed those undead faggots in the face. Blood was flying and we needed to be sure not to let their blood get into our bloodstream.
When we weren’t expecting it they began attacking the trunk and one broke the window. I turned around and elbowed it. I heard the shriek and fell to the floor. Nolan began driving faster. We could see the hospital in the distance. As we got closer we could tell it was either attacked or being attacked. “Damn it!”, screamed Nolan. “Everyone there is probably dead.” “I don’t give a crap Nolan! I don’t care if my Dad is dead or alive, but we need to put in some effort in finding him!, I screamed. “Keep driving!”
We pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and killed the first one we saw. “Come on guys!”, Michael hollered. As we ran up the lot we spotted several of them. We didn’t want to make contact with them and take the risk of getting bit. We opened the door and ran through the building.
They were lying on the ground and some people were beginning to turn. There was a dead security guard so we took his pistol he carried with him. Zoey took a bite and began running up the stairs, so we followed. Blood was smeared on the walls and dead nurses lay all over. My hopes seemed to be crushed. If all of those other nurses were dead, then what were the chances of him living.
Eventually I decided to call him and see if he would answer. My fingers were crossed. At the last moment he picked up his phone. “Nathan where are you? You need to get to safety!” “Dad! Holly hell! Thank God you're alright!” “Where are you?!” “In the hospital.” “Nathan what the hell do you think you’re doing!” “I don’t care dad you're my only hope right now!” “What do you mean?!” I sighed a heavy depressed sigh. “Mom and Johnnie…..are…..dead!” I could tell my Dad felt he had been hit by a train. “Oh my god!” “Brice however, Is with me and fine. I need to know where you are!” “Third floor Janitors office I’ll unlock the door for you.” “ Ok.”
We had just began to head up the stairs when one of those creatures came and attacked us. Nolan shot it with the rifle he got from Jake’s car. We finally made it up the stairs and ran to the left heading to the janitor's office.We found my dad sitting down on a bucket.We took him out to the car we started to drive luckily Nolan wasn’t driving. We were going on a trip to dallas to see my uncle so that we could fly to Alaska.
It seemed crazy to go to Alaska in the middle of winter. But it was better than nothing. Considering how isolated Alaska was it would be worth it. The car trip to Dallas on the other hand was a different story.Some of us got car sick real easily. We had to stop for more food at some of the corner stores. When we got to Austin we had to cross a massive hoard of the undead creatures. Zion, Michael, Jackson and I left to go clear a path for the car. Nolan had got on top of the car to give us aid from afar. He had found a bottle and turned it into a makeshift scope. We cleared a path and my dad drove the car out of Austin safely.
Nolan came back into the car and finished off the beef jerky he had been eating. When we eventually made it to a gas station we took a break and stretched while my dad filled up the gas tank. Next to us was a girl about my age. She had blonde hair and shiny blue eyes. I cleared out my throat. I began talking to her and we started a good conversation. We decided to set up here. It was night time so Nolan and Michael went to scout.
“It’s not as bad as I thought it would be Michael.” I put the rifle down and stared down at the car. It was more silent than ever outside tonight. What I had seen that morning was still stuck in my memory. It would probably never leave me either. It wasn’t just me though It was everyone there who saw the horror of the monsters and Nathan’s home were scared. “Nolan. What do you think happened to the rest of our families?”, said Michael in a scared tone of voice. I thought to myself for a while. For all I knew they could be dead, but it didn’t matter. Nothing would ever be the same again.
A while later we heard the screams. They were coming. I looked through the scope, but I didn’t see a thing. Searching right and left for the undead, the noise got louder. “Michael do you see any-” The creature grabbed me from behind and threw me to the ground. He leaped for my side and Michael hit him in the face with the bat. “Oh my god!” More screams seemed to be getting loud, but then we realised what was going on. There was a whole horde behind the camp!
I leapt off the building and landed on one of the dumpsters with Michael following. “Get out! Get out! Get out!”, we screamed as the undead were piling over the sides of the building.
Alyssa. Her name was Alyssa. She talked about how she got here. Her and Her Mom were driving down the road when this happened. When she was close to the gas station the undead got ahold of Her Mom. She escaped from the attack and walked the rest of the way to here. I looked her eyes and felt I could almost see the memories that haunted her in those deep beautiful eyes. “You can come with stay with us if you need to”, I said. She looked at me and I could almost see a smile appear. “Would you do that for me?” I nodded and she gave me a hug.
That was when I heard Nolan and Michael screaming at the top of their lungs and the shrieks of the undead coming from behind. “Oh god!”, I screamed. “Come on!” She grabbed my

hand and we ran to the car. Zoey was strapping Brice into his car seat. I looked back and saw the horde with Michael and Nolan. They made it to the car but it was close. We drove off to Dallas once more only to find that we were going to need to do some more traveling.
To be continued...


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