Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 2
Welcome to the Club

They stood there looking at me with scared faces. I continued to sob at the sight of her body lying their. With trembling fingers I picked up the note and read it’s saddening content.

Nathan, If you're reading this, I just want you know I did this for Brice. If I were to become infected I would find Brice and kill him. I would have no control. I hid him under the bed. You need to go find him and take care of him. I’m not sure if Dad is alive or not, but if he is please stay with him and take Brice with you. One more thing. Johnnie was infected. It was that fever. The fever is what made him into that monster. I had to kill Johnnie! Johnnie is dead because of me! He bit me! If you need to, take this gun and some of the ammunition. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you grow up, but I’m still watching you from heaven. Now go take Brice. He needs you.

I grabbed the shotgun and looked at my friends. “Take care of Brice!”, I said as I put the barrel against my head. Nolan began charging at me and tackled me to the ground. The gun went off but nobody was hurt. “You dumbass!!! What the hell do you think you're doing?! Look at me!!! That baby brother of yours needs you!!!” He was right. Brice was as helpless as could be. I grabbed the axe and chopped through the door. I felt a Box and pulled it out from under the bed. There lay Brice. I wrapped him in his favorite blanket and gave him a kiss on his forehead.
In the doorway I heard a voice. “Hello.”, said the voice. It was a boy about our age. Zion walked to him. “Where the hell did you come from?”, Zion questioned. “I was walking down the street when I heard a gunshot come from this house so I ran in to see what was going on.”, said the boy. “It was this retard”, Nolan exclaimed as he pointed a finger at me. I stood there holding the baby. It was pretty stupid now that I thought about it. “What’s your name?”, I questioned. “Kelani. Kelani Vestil.”, said the boy. Zoey propped up. “Why were you wandering around the streets in a time like this?”, she said. Kelani stared into space. We had no idea what had happened.
He began to speak. “My home. It was invaded by those things. I woke up when I heard a banging on the door. My little sister was freaking out. I looked out the window to see what it was. Then I saw them. They were sickening. Not only was it their looks, but the screams. They seemed to be much worse. I don’t know what they are or where they came from but whatever they are, they’re not friendly. I grabbed my dad’s hunting rifle and shot several. When I saw I had killed them, I ran away because I thought somebody would be after me if they found me with the body. I ran away from the trouble.”
“Do you want to stick with us for now?”, I asked. Kelani agreed. As we were leaving I saw the body of Johnnie. I gave Brice to Zion and leaned over Johnnie to pick him up. I took him and lay him on the ground while Jackson ran over to the shed to get a shovel. We all stared at Johnnie with tears dripping down our cheeks. Jackson came back out and handed me the shovel. It took about thirty minutes to dig the hole. We lay Johnnie inside, but before we covered him with the dirt we each kissed our palms and paced them on his forehead. After that we covered him in the dirt and said a prayer. “Father please take with you this boy who did not deserve to end life like this”, I said between sniffles. “Take him with you and let him live happily there. We know you had a plan for him but why this. I know we shouldn’t question you but I’m just not sure why you let this happen. In your name, Amen.
Zion and Nolan went to go search for more weapons. The rest of us sat there and thought of what to do. I decided to go into the house and get more food. Bottles of water lay in the fridge so I grabbed some. I took some crackers, granola bars, peanut butter, and some packs of beef jerky. However, that wasn’t going to help us. Snacks wouldn’t be enough to feed us forever.
We looked across the street and saw the creatures walking around a corner store. That store was our savior despite the fact that undead flesh freaks surrounded our food destination. We looked at each other and nodded.
Zion and Jackson had found several of my old baseball bats to use as weapons. We began walking over when I began to think about what we would do with Brice. We could give him to Zoey since the last time we killed one of those undead creatures she lost her lunch, and that was just one of them. There was at least 75 at that store.
The rest of us had either killed one or watched one die without getting sick. The plan was carried out saying that Zoey would take care of Brice.
Jackson went to the back of the store and broke the window with the hammer. When he did so, the alarm went off and the undead went bezerk. Zion, Michael, and Nolan got baseball bats and I tossed my axe to Kelani. I was armed with the shotgun I got from Mom. Jackson went out the back window where they tried to chase him. We met on the side he was running to. The zombies came after him but were stopped by us, because the moment they clipped the edge of the building we began attacking. The shotgun could kill several at a time. Kelani was swinging his axe like a psycho, but was taking them out in bunches. The metal bats worked well too. The other three were smashing heads open and kicking butt.
While this was going on Zoey was responsible for getting a ride for us. She found my teenage next door neighbor Jake to help us. Jake was 17 years old and just got his license. Zoey knocked on the door and Jake came out with a rifle ready to shoot. When he saw her he put it on the ground and began talking to Brice. He knew Brice which helped our chances of him driving us to the hospital to see Dad. Thankfully Jake agreed to pick us up and drop us off at the hospital. Zoey hopped into the van and they drove to the corner store across the road.
When they got to the store we had collected some water, gatorade, evaporated milk, cereal, soup, noodles, and lots of beef jerky. We needed protein to be able to use an axe or shoot a gun. It was tiring so we would need plenty of energy.
The creatures still roamed the streets but, there was much more than there was several hours ago. They also seemed more alert which was not good. Jake was driving pretty fast and we were becoming worried. Several moments later the screams of the undead were becoming loud and from then on it just got louder. Suddenly the screaming stopped and Jake began to slow down trying to listen closely, but when we weren't expecting it one of the creatures broke the window and pulled Jake out of the window. “Oh my god!” screamed Zoey as Jake's screams filled the air while those things tore him into pieces. Zion stepped outside and smashed the undead’s head with the baseball bat. He looked down at Jake gave him a sorry look. He grabbed my shotgun and held it to Jake's head. He then said a prayer asking for forgiveness, and with a shaking nervous body pulled the trigger.

To be continued...


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