Author: N.C Gray

Chapter 1
The Begining

I opened my eyes, and everything around me was blurry. The blurriness faded out and I could see clearly now. It was the first day of school after winter break. My house was as dark and silent as ever. Mom, Johnnie, and Brice were asleep, and Dad was working in the hospital. It was just me. I popped a waffle in the toaster and left to go to school in my white polo and khaki pants. I also took my jacket, because it was cold outside. That, and the white shirt looked ugly, so I would use my jacket to cover up it’s paleness. Johnnie had a fever, so Mom had to stay home with him and Brice today. The cold chill hit me in the face the moment I stepped out that door. It was nice and refreshing, but something didn't feel right. There was some gloomy feeling in the air.
As I walked down the sidewalk to the bus stop, the shadow of my friend Zion appeared. His head turned and he waved to me. I waved back and ran to the bus stop. He pulled his ear buds out and greeted me with a crooked smile. “Something’s not right”, he said as he darted his head around nervously. “I feel the same”, I replied with a weak voice. It could have been that there was a full moon tonight, and we had just gone mad. Michael Morse came by a little later with the same feeling. I could tell Michael was cold. He had a thin jacket that didn't protect him much and his teeth chattered like crazy. “H-h-hi N-Na-Na-Nathan. H-hi Z-Z-Zi.” I decided to move next to him to help conserve body warmth.
It seemed like forever until the bus to showed up, but was only fifteen minutes. By the time it got here, we were desperate for warmth, doing jumping-jacks and running in place. The door opened and the bus driver welcomed us with a warm welcome (no pun intended). “ Anything to stay warm”, she said. I gave her a quick grin, and continued down the aisle.
I wasn’t surprised to see Jackson and Nolan in the middle row trying to jump scare us. You would think that they would learn by now, adding the fact they did it almost everyday. I waved at the both of them and sat in the back with all the others.
I looked around quietly. It was strange, because I’m usually very talkative. So were the others and Zion seemed the least talkative out of every one. Zoey was looking at her phone in the seat in front of me. Probably looking at Instagram or texting. I decided not to bother her. She had been going through some hard times, and I didn’t want to make them worse for her.
As we drove across the old cold highway, an old man sat on the side of the
road. He looked sick and cold and his eyes were blood red. I looked away to see a car coming straight for the bus. It was speeding up and I couldn’t see the driver. I knelt down as it came closer and then there was a loud bang and the bus tipped over. I then fell onto the window below me and everything went black.

I woke up a while later with an upset stomach and vomited on the seat of the bus. I looked around, but once again my vision was blurry. I heard Jackson screaming in pain. The terrified shrieks bombarded me from every direction. I turned my head to see Zion and Zoey passed out on the floor and Michael clenching his arm to stop some bleeding. Then the window shattered and a bloody hand grabbed a seat. I got out of the pool of vomit and crawled to Zion. I took his hand and pulled him over my shoulder. I took a look at Michael and he stared nervously back at me. “Grab Zoey!”, I shouted across the bus. “Come on guys!” Nolan and Jackson opened the door on the back of the bus. Then there was a loud alarm and a horrifying sound filled my ears. They were screams like no other. The broken window began filling with bodies. “Run!”, Michael screamed. We grabbed Zion and Zoey and charged off the street and into the woods.
As we ran I turned around to see what was chasing us. What it was made me almost throw up the remaining food in my stomach if there was any food at all. They were bloody bodies. Some of them had no eyes or were missing arms. Their screams weren’t just regular screeches of anger but of being tortured. The cries themselves seemed to be 2 times worse than their appearance. We ran until we reached a river. We had lost them. I lay Zion on his back and Michael lay Zoey down. Nolan and Jackson were panting and collapsed on the ground next to the river.
We all dragged Zion and Zoey to the edge of the water and dipped their heads in the icy cold river. Zoey woke up right away, but Zion wasn't waking up. When he did he was choking and he coughed up some water. We all lay on the wet soft ground to catch our breath. As I lay there I began to think what happened to my family. I sat up. I realized I must return home.
They all looked at me, and I told them what I planned to do. To my surprise they decided to come with me. As we walked the creatures roamed the streets. We stayed out of their sight, but still remained worried. No chances should be taken at the moment. The only defences we had were our backpacks, our fists, and each other. As we walked we stumbled across the old man, but there was only one difference. He was dead. Next to his bony body lay several weapons. I grabbed a blood stained axe and Jackson grabbed a sledge hammer. Nolan, Zoey, and Zion looked for other stuff around the old man’s camp. I looked around for more stuff. I found a pocket knife in the old man’s pocket; “Catch!”, I said to Zoey as I tossed her the pocket knife. She then gave me a stare that said “Why the hell did you just throw a knife at me?” and she turned away. I began to search him more when I heard a gurgling sound coming from the man. Moments later he began to move. Jackson freaked out and smashed the old mans skull open with the hammer. His brains splattered all over the place Zoey turned around to see the old mans splattered head, and vomited behind a tree.
We decided to walk away from the whole incident and continue the trip. We eventually got to my house. It was damaged badly and the door was knocked down. I ran into the house, and was surprised to see the horrifying sight before me. I fell to the floor and began to sob at the sight of my mother dead on the floor, a gunshot to the head with the gun beside her body, and a note taped to her body.

To be continued...


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