Rouge Toons
Author: Bobby South

Chapter 7
Power Island

Inside Big Nellie, Hamton and Runt was asleep on their soft comfortable seats. Only Rita was wide awake on her seat and feeling unhappy.

            “What?” she asked the audience. “I’m just not enjoying life at the moment. I’ve been at a lame school for two weeks and got nothing out of it except bullying and near death experiences. I can’t even leave because this stupid spy service has had me tagged. And what’s even worse is that Runt is having so much fun that he’s noticing me less all the time. It’s as I’m not part of his life anymore.” Tears slowly started to come out of her eyes.

     Then a suddenly jerk stopped her crying. Hamton and Runt woke up.

            “What? Who is it?” growled Runt. “Where is the burglar?”

            “No burglar, Runt,” said Rita. “We have – ”

            Just landed on the island to find the first orb,” said J.A.N.Y.I.S.

            “Oh, boy,” Runt cried happily.

            “Thank you for making Runt notice me even less now, J.A.N.Y.I.S.,” Rita muttered.

            You’re welcome,” said J.A.N.Y.I.S.

            Rita turned the audience. “See what I mean?”          

     Then Rond entered the room. “All right,” she cried. “Who’s ready to get some fresh air?”

            Runt approached her. “I am,” he cried. “I am.”

            Rond looked at Rita and Hamton who turned away from them. She approached them.

            “We need you with us, Hammy,” said Rond. “These orbs need to sense your presence otherwise it’ll be hard to track.”

            “So that’s why I’m here, is it?” demanded the confused and angry pig.

            “Yeah, otherwise the Tough Girls and their boss wouldn’t be after you, would they?” said Rond. “As for you, Rita – ”

            “I’m happy guarding the ship,” said Rita.

            “I already gave that job to J.A.N.Y.I.S.,” said Rond. “So, come on, let’s go!”

            “It’s lucky I have eight more lives,” Rita muttered, as she joined the others down the ramp of Big Nellie.



“Where are we?” asked Hamton.

            “We are on a private island,” said Rond, as she was studying her tracking device. “Somewhere in the Madeira Archipelago. And the first orb, according to J.A.N.Y.I.S., is on this island somewhere.”

            The island was quite small and full of big rocks and trees and not of a lot of people or a lot of houses.

            Then Runt was sniffing in the air.

            “You smell something, boy?” asked Rond.

            “I can smell a barbeque,” said Runt. Then he ran excitedly.

            “Dogs, go fig,” muttered Rita, as she followed Rond and Hamton.

            They managed to catch up with Runt and Rond got in front of him.

            “Sit!” she ordered.

            Runt sat down and she gave him a doggy treat. Then she sniffed the air, too. She turned around and saw that Runt was not wrong – not entirely. There wasn’t a barbeque but there was smoke. Dark heavy smoke coming from a collapsed house.



By the time the four reached the house, they were shocked to see the state it was in.

            “I don’t think it was an earthquake,” said Rond, as she surveyed it. “Nothing else has fallen down. Not a single branch.”

              “But this house must have something valuable for it to be attacked, right?” said Hamton.

            “You could be right, Hamton,” said Rond. “And if you are, this must be where the – ”

            “Oh, boy, a ball!” cried Runt. “I can see a ball!”

            The dog was crawling under a hole into the big house.

            “Runt, get out of there!” ordered Rita.

            “No!” cried Rond. “Let’s follow him. You go next, Rita.”

            As soon as the dog was in the house, Rita followed next. Then Hamton went in, but he became stuck halfway through. Rond helped him through the rest of the way but it was a little bit painful… for Hamton, who was rubbing his hips.

            “Was that really necessary?” Hamton demanded.

     “Only trying to save time,” said Rond, as she managed to finally crawl in.

     “By kicking me in the butt?”

     Rond was shocked to see the mess the inside of the house was in. It looked worst inside than outside. The walls had collapsed, the roof had come down, windows broken and the only sound that could be heard was arcade music.

     Wait, arcade music? Rond and her friends followed the music and the music led them to a man in a small room playing arcade games.

     “What is that man doing?” asked Rita. “Doesn’t he know the house is crumbling?”

            “Not if you had headphones in your ears, you can’t,” said Hamton.

            “Or maybe he’s the guy who blew up this place,” said Rond. “Stay here. Let me ask the questions.”

            Hamton, Rita and Runt waited as Rond approached the man. She jumped up to him and dragged him to sit in a black leather chair. Then she took the headphones off and wrapped the rope around the man.

            “All right, Mr. Suspect, talk or face merciless!” Rond said.

            “About what?” asked the man.

            “Don’t play games with me,” warned Rond. “You may be a famous director to the world, but to me you’re just a suspect of being involved of an evil crime!”

            “Famous director?” asked Hamton.

            He, Rita and Runt went into the room and saw that Rond was interrogating…

            “Mr. Spielberg?” the three toons cried.

            “Hamton J. Pig?” cried Steven Spielberg as he laid eyes on his previous colleagues. “Rita? Runt? Haven’t seen you guys for nearly twenty years. NOW, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?”

            “Just corporate with Agent Rond, Mr. Spielberg,” said Rita, “and this will be all over.”

            “Now, I’m going to ask you one last time, Spielberg,” said Rond. “WHAT HAPPENED HERE?”

            “I don’t know what happened to my house, I swear!” Spielberg quivered in fear. “I was listening to my pal Johnny Williams on my headphones, while I was playing the Star Wars Arcade game. I don’t even know how my house was bombed, I swear!”

            Rond gave a hard look at the fearful Spielberg. “All right, we’ll let you go,” she said as she untied him. “But we must inspect the house for clues.”

            “Yeah, go right ahead,” said Spielberg as he got out of the chair.

            “Can I just say, Mr. Spielberg, that I am a really big fan,” said Rond.

            “Thanks,” said Spielberg. Then he walked off.

            Then Rond turned back to Hamton, Runt and…

            “Where is Rita?” asked Rond.

            “I don’t know,” said Runt. “Definitely don’t know.”

            “I’m over here, you buffoons!”

            The three spies turned to see Rita behind a wooden bookcase.

            “Are you just going to sit there or help me move this heavy thing?” Rita demanded.

            They went over to help her.

            “What have you actually found, Rita?” asked Rond.

            “A hotel that serves mice,” said Rita.

            “Really?” asked Hamton.

            “No, a secret stairway that goes further down, of course,” snapped Rita.

            When they moved the bookcase, they saw that Rita was right. There was a secret stairway going down into a place of darkness.

            Rond got out a torch from one of the containers from her belt and turned it on. “Well, come on, let’s go grab an orb!” She ran down, followed by the excited Runt, the unimpressed Rita and finally the nervous Hamton.



Rond and her team had been walking down the stairs for since no one knows.

            “How long is it going to be, Rond?” asked Rita. “We’ve been walking on for hours now.”

            “What are you complaining about?” asked Rond. “You’re on Runt’s back.”

            And she was right. Rita was on Runt’s back.

            Then Rond turned the torch off. “We’re approaching a new light.” She got out a shiny, small, silver pistol. “Arm yourselves.”

            “We don’t have weapons,” said Hamton.

            “Remember all those self defence lessons back in Manchester?” asked Rond.

            “Yeah,” said Hamton and Runt together.

     “Then use them.” Then Rond charged forward into the room of light.

            She held her pistol out and looked around the massive room. The room looked like a big temple that had been robbed and collapsed. But it had nothing except a big rock in the middle with a glowing purple and white round object above it.

            “All right!” growled Runt. “Where are they? Where are – ”

            “Quiet!” yelled Rond.

            Rond approached the orb slowly. She surveyed it before reaching out for it.

            “HOLD IT!” yelled a voice.

            Then more bright lights shone… brightly. Rond looked up to see the lights were shining from the roof.

            Then she looked down to see about three dozen eight foot metal robots behind the orb. She made for the orb.

            “Don’t even think about it!” yelled the angry voice again.

            The lights from the roof went a bit dimmer and Rond looked across the orb to see in front of the robots was Montana Max and Odd-Blob.

            “Monty,” said Rond. “What has Odd-Blob here promised you if you get this orb?”

            “What is it to you?” asked Monty.

            “Not really my concern,” said Rond. “But the readers will be interested.”

            “Fine,” Monty sighed. “This lizard here said if I get the orb, I will have an extra ten billion dollars! And hopefully a girl.”

            “American dollars?” asked Rond.

            “Yeah, Amer – ” Then he had to stop turn to Odd-Blob. “American dollars, isn’t it?”

            “I presuming so,” said Odd-Blob. “But I don’t know one hundred percent. Only the boss does.”

            “Well, get your boss on the phone and know for one hundred percent!” shouted Monty. “Otherwise I’m not doing it.”

            “Thank you, Monty,” said Rond as she took the purple orb and went back to her team. “Come on.”

            “Ah, they’re getting away!” cried Monty.

            “Well, don’t just stand there!” shouted Odd-Blob. “Send your robots after them.”

            “Oh, right,” Monty grinned. Then he turned around and faced his robot army. “Well, don’t just stand there, you useless army of bolts! Get after them! Blast them! Block them in!”

            The robots opened their fingers, aimed at Rond and her team and fired green lasers.

            “Get down!” yelled Hamton, who saw the lasers.

            The heroes ducked and let the green lasers pass them. But it blocked the tunnel they came through.

            “Oh, great!” moaned Rita. “Now how are we supposed to get out now?”

            “By giving me the orb,” said Odd-Blob. “And the pig.”

            “Which one?” Runt asked.

            “The one in the overalls,” said Odd-Blob.

            Hamton gulped.         

     “Then come and get him,” said Rond.

            “What?” Monty asked.

            “What?” cried Hamton.

            “Shh,” Rita whispered to him. “Don’t you remember the last time she said that?”

     “We have all the weapons, all the power, all the brains and you’re the one telling us what to do?” Odd-Blob had to laugh. “What do you have that we don’t have?”

            “Well, you didn’t mention about courage,” said Rond.

            “What, you’re saying we don’t have courage?” asked Odd-Blob.

            “Prove me wrong,” said Rond.

            “All right,” said Odd-Blob. “All yours, Monty.”

            “What? Why me?”

            “We’re paying you, remember?”

            “Oh, yeah.” Monty grinned and ran for Hamton. “You’re coming with me, Pork Chop!”

            Runt got in front of him and growled at Monty. Rita jumped up on his head and hissed at Monty, too.

            “Get out of my way!” yelled Monty.

            But the cat and the dog didn’t move out of his way. In fact, Runt was moving towards him.

            “Heel, boy!” yelled Monty.

            But Runt wasn’t listening.

            “Bad dog! Bad dog!” Monty yelled, as he was nervously moving backwards.

            As he moved backwards, his arms were caught by Rond’s arms.

            “Hey, what gives?” asked Monty, as he saw he was handcuffed.

            “This is what gives,” said Rond, as she held a small metal device with a green, a red and a blue button. “Is this the controls for the robots?”

            “No!” said Odd-Blob. “No, those are controls but for something else.”
                 “So, it’s okay if I press the red button?”

            “No! No!” cried Odd-Blob. “Don’t – ”

            Too late. Rond pressed the red button.

            BOOM! BOOM! POP!

            The room was filled with smoke and robot pieces.

     “Now, look what you done, you stupid boy!” Odd-Blob snapped, as she slapped Monty on the back of his head. “You should consider yourself lucky to be alive, let alone get a penny out of this job at all.”

     “How is this my fault?” Monty demanded.  

     “You and your stupid robot army!” snapped Odd-Blob. “And that stupid self-destruct button on your device!”

     “Hey, we don’t even know if they’ve escaped!” protested Monty.

     “How do you explain that hole over there?” asked Odd-Blob, pointing.

     Monty looked ahead to see there was a hole in the wall there. “Oh, right,” he giggled sheepishly. “But all is not lost. I have here a new device in my pocket…”

     “Oh, joy,” Odd-Blob said sarcastically.

     “Let me finish!” yelled Monty. “This will blow the whole place so those poor beggars can’t escape and we’ll teleport without them knowing.”
                 “That means blowing up your boss Mr. Spielberg’s house with it,” called Rond’s voice through the tunnel.

     “Ha, I’m no one’s boss and – ”

     “You idiot!” snapped Odd-Blob. “They heard you, so now they know. Here, let me have the device.”

     Odd-Blob reached into Monty’s pocket and got out the device. It had two buttons.

     “Which button is which?” asked the komodo dragon.

     “Press the red button first,” said Monty. “Then the blue button.”

            Odd-Blob followed his instructions.



Odd-Blob and Monty, who was no longer in handcuffs, arrived in Monty’s luxury millionaire plane. They went over to the nearest window and saw Spielberg’s island down below for only a few seconds, before it was filled with flames and smoke and later nothing but seawater.

            “Ha, ha,” Monty giggled evilly. “Those losers are now a pile of wet ash.”
                 “Now, all we have to do now,” said Odd-Blob, “is to find that orb that they couldn’t even take with them now they are dead.”

            Monty went to the cockpit door and opened it. “Grovely! Turn this plane into a submarine and find the orb.”

            “Very good, sir,” said Grovely who was the pilot.

            “Can I get some orange juice?” Odd-Blob asked Monty.

            Monty turned to Grovely. “And get out guest some orange juice.”

            “Very good, sir,” said Grovely.



Monty’s plane turned into a typhoon-class submarine and dived into the sea. In the sky, it was calm and quiet with blue skies with no clouds and a Big Nellie reappearing from the clouds.

            “Wow, this is great,” cried Spielberg as he was looking around the amazing place. “Did you build this yourself, Miss Rond?”

            “You bet your three Oscars I have,” said Rond.

            “I could make a movie with this machine,” Spielberg went on. Then he turned to his three former colleagues. “And you guys can come out of retirement and I’ll – ” His arm was pulled down by Rond who was wearing sunglasses.

            “Mr. Spielberg, care to look in this object that will teach everything about this machine?” said Rond, as she produced a short silver stick with a red bar.

            Spielberg looked and there came a big flash.

            “What?” said Spielberg. “Where am I? Who am I?” 

            “You, Mr. Steven Spielberg, famous three-time Oscar movie director and producer, have forgotten the last two hours of your life,” said Rond, as she took her sunglasses off. “You are in a machine that no one, except those from my school, is to know about.

            “Also your house and your private island have been attacked and sunken,” she went on, “but you hated it, so you blew it up yourself.”

            Then the plane bumped.

            “Ah, here is your stop,” said Rond.

            The ramp went down and Spielberg went down. He was greeted by lots of people in Morocco.

            “Excuse me,” said Spielberg.  “But I think there’s been – ”

            He turned around to see Big Nellie flying away. Then he was picked up by the Morocco.

            “Hey, Mr. Spielberg, what brings you here to Morocco?” asked a man.

            “Are you filming a new movie here, Mr. Spielberg?” asked a woman.

            “Mr. Spielberg, what’s your last film?” asked a little boy.

            Spielberg just didn’t know what to say.


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