Author: Lacey Dentelle

Chapter 10
Chapter Ten

Dalya was sitting practicing her embroidery. She didn't have any lessons today but she still wanted to do it. Jenna was probably out somewhere growling at people and getting mud all over her. Dalya really couldn't understand her sister. Why anyone would want to be outside in the cold getting all messy when they could be inside, warm and doing something productive?

Dalya sighed. She thought back to what Jenna had said yesterday when she was on her way to her room. 'Did you get your dress?' Jenna was obviously mocking her, why else would she ask a question like that?

Dalya put her embroidery down and looked at her dress. She loved it. She loved it the moment Father showed it to her. It was dark blue, different from all her other dresses that were mostly pink and light blue. Dalya had asked for a blue one expecting it to be light blue but when she saw it was dark blue...The design was different too. It had gold swirling lines at the hem and at on the puffy sleeves.

After examining her dress, Dalya went over to the window. She looked out and her eye caught the elf her father had captured. He was talking to someone and that's when Dalya saw her white horse and knew exactly who he was talking to. She left the window and ran downstairs to find her father.

Nobody was in the front room so Dalya went out into the back and found her mother with Jenna.

'Where's Father?' Dalya asked as she approached.

'Gone hunting, why?' asked her mother. Jenna stopped what she was doing too to listen to the conversation.

'The elf that he kept is talking to the other elves.'

'What do you mean?'

'I didn't see them but I saw his horse.'

'That could've been anyones horse, stupid.' said Jenna. Dalya glared at her.

'Enough, Jenna.' said Mother. 'Where was he?'

'In the forest.'

'Stay here with Jenna.' said Mother.

'What? Can't I come? Maybe I could shoot them. I've finally got it.' whined Jenna.

'Just stay with Dalya.' with that, Dalya's mother left the two girls in the forest.

'This is stupid. I bet it's nothing.' said Jenna, putting her bow down.

'Father said they might come back...' thought Dalya.

'I reckon it's nothing.' Dalya watched her sister aim the arrow at the tree. 'I still don't see why she wouldn't let me come with her. I'm pretty much as good a shooter as she is.' Dalya watched as her sister released the arrow. It missed the tree and flew into a bush.

As good a shooter as her? thought Dalya. I think Mother knows how to aim.

'If they are the elves, you don't think they would do anything to her, do you?' asked Dalya, worrily.

'Mother'll shoot them before they get a chance.' said Jenna, setting up another arrow.

That's if she's taken her bow with her...


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