Author: Lacey Dentelle

Chapter 8
Chapter Eight

Jenna could tell, just by looking at it on the table, that it was her mother's old bow. She recognised the chipped dark brown paint that was used to cover up the white wood. The string, however looked all right. Jenna was also given a few arrows.

'I know it's not brand new, Jenna, but you've finally got one.' said Father. Jenna could see that he was trying to look hopeful that she liked it so she smiled in response.

'Do you even know how to use it?' came Dalya's voice.

Jenna's smile dropped as she turned to her sister. 'Better than you probably do.' she snarled back. Dalya went quiet. 'When can I use it?' she asked Father.

'Whenever your mother finds the time to teach you how to use it.' Jenna frowned at that. She knew her mother was really good with a bow and arrow and nearly always hit on target yet she had hoped it was Father who taught her how to use one. She always felt as though Father understood her more than her mother did. Cadmys brought her out of her thoughts.

'As if she gets a bow before me.' he whined.

'I didn't think you wanted a bow, Cadmys.' said Father.

'Maybe not a bow. I want a sword, though.' Cadmys said, hopefully.

Father laughed. 'When you're older.' Cadmys' hopeful smile went away.

'You could give him a dagger, Father.' suggested Dalya.

Cadmys looked at Dalya. 'Yeah! I want a dagger!'

'And what do you want, Dalya?' asked father. Jenna did have to admit, if she got the bow and Cadmys got a dagger than it was only right for Dalya to have something but Jenna couldn't think of any weapon Dalya could have.

Dalya twirled her waist length, wavy hair. 'Um...Could I have a new dress? One that already made.'

Jenna saw the light go out of Father's eyes.

He wanted her to ask for a weapon. She thought.

'A dress...I'll go to the shop later and find you one. Any one in particular?' asked Father.

'A blue one, please.' Dalya never forgets her manners.

Later that day, Jenna's mother finally found the time to teach her how to use a bow. But that was the problem, Jenna couldn't use it.

'I can't do it!' moaned Jenna, after the fifth arrow at pathetically hit the floor less than six feet away.

I thought this would be easy.

'I'm not surprised. We did give you an adult bow. I told your father we should start of with a child's-'

'I'm not a child!' Jenna told her mother.

Yes I am. I'm eleven years old. It's Dalya who's not the child. Realising her mistake, Jenna added: 'I'm a wolf.'

Her mother smiled. 'A wolf-child, Jenna.' she looked up to the sky. Jenna followed her gaze and noticed the clouds had started to darken. It was going to rain soon.

'Dalya asked Father for a dress today.' said Jenna, as she put her head down. Her mother looked at her.

'Really?' obviously confused as to why Jenna had told her this.

'I think Father wanted her to ask for a weapon.'

'She never will.' Mother said, picking up Jenna's arrows from the ground.

'Why not? She needs to know how to use one. Even you know how to use one.' said Jenna, she really couldn't understand Dalya. She knew her sister looked up and wanted to be Mother, yet it seemed Dalya only saw their mother's lady side, unlike Jenna, who knew Mother could kill someone in a second and not even regret it afterwards. Jenna knew how much she wanted to kill the elf Father had kept here.

'Maybe she will one day, Jenna.' The first few drops of rain had started to fall and Jenna followed her mother back to the village.

I doubt it.

As Jenna made her way to her room, she caught sight of Dalya. 'Did you get your dress!' she called.

Dalya looked at her, huffed and entered her room, shutting the door behind her.

I only asked a question. Then Jenna remembered back to what she said. She probably thought I was mocking her. Jenna entered her own room and ponded on the fact that Dalya didn't know her one bit.


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