Author: Lacey Dentelle

Chapter 7
Chapter Seven

The arrow hit the centre of the tree for the third time. Tornei walked up to it and pulled it out. She walked back to where she was standing and released her arrow at the tree again. She was still fuming from her and Con's argument. Well, it wasn't so much the argument, but more of Con's selfishness and stupidity and...unable to find any more words she let go of the arrow. Tornei heard a sound behind her and naturally grabbed another arrow and aimed it at...Bowen the Elf.

'You're not gonna shoot me, are you?' asked the elf. Tornei noticed he was carrying a basket of herbs. His irons still chained to his feet so he could walk but not run or climb anywhere. She dropped her arms and loosened her hold on the arrow. 'I couldn't help but watch you shoot. You have excellent archery skills.' Tornei couldn't tell if the elf was complementing her or mocking her.

'And...?' Tornei asked.

'Quite usual for someone like you.'

He was mocking her. 'What do you mean, 'someone like you'?' she knew exactly what he meant.

'Well...someone of your...sex.'

Tornei rolled her eyes. It was the same old sexism that even elves bring. 'The fox-man called you a Queen yesterday. I thought the only Queen was the one at Half-Breeds Court.' the elf continued.

Happy to get off the archery subject, Tornei replied: 'It's not official. I'm not from this land.'

The elf's eyebrows perked up. 'Really...Then what land are you from?' he asked.

'The Pointers. I was a princess there. The Princess of the North.'

'And now you call yourself Queen. And what of Conwyn? What was he?'

Tornei had a feeling that he knew this already. 'I'm not going to discuss my husband's pastlife with-'

'He was nothing, was he? A bastard who became a King. That's something, even if it's not official.'

Tornei started getting worried then. 'How do you know this?'

Ignoring her question- which seems to be the elf's habbit- he carried on. 'I also know you were made Queen when you were eleven. Your parents were killed by an assassin and you were taken out of your land and brought to Newearth. The things you and Conwyn got up too. And if anyone was to know that the Prince and Princesses were-'

'Tornei!' came Con's voice.

Tornei looked to Con. Surprised to even see him here.

'How long have you been there?' asked the elf. Tornei noticed he got nervous.

'Just now. You shouldn't be talking to her. You're wanted back at the village.'

Relax with the fact that Con hadn't been listening to their conversation, he said: 'I just wanted to say that I hope you two have made up from your little argument last night. I have a feeling you have,' the elf looked at Con. 'But I don't think she's quite got over it, yet.' he looked at Tornei. The elf then turned and walked the Con had came.

Tornei watched as he walked away, she also realised she was shaking. Con must have felt it too. 'Are you okay?'

'He's knows!' said Tornei.

'Know's what?' asked Con, confused.

'He knows about you and he knows about me and he knows about our children.'


'I don't know,' Tornei interrupted him before he could finish his question. 'What if he tells? He knows you won't be able to do anything. Con, that title doesn't belong to you. Not yet anyway. Our children don't even have claim to their titles...'

'Listen, we've got bigger problems. Sully thinks he saw the elves.'

'The elves...they're coming for the elf.'

'It's gonna be okay.' Tornei fell into Con's chest, dropping her bow. She felt Con put his arms around her.

How could he know everything? she thought.


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