Author: Lacey Dentelle

Chapter 5
Chapter Five

Tornei Fyrehart was sitting, cleaning her bow. It was an old bow. She'd had it since she was eleven. There were moments when she told herself she was going to buy a new one, but that moment never came. With the war and three little children raise- which they were at the beginning of it- she never found the time to buy things.

Just as it had seemed Con had read her mind he said-

'I thought you were buying a new one.'

Tornei put the bow on the table and turned herself on the bed so she was facing Con. 'I was. But then you went away and I didn't have time. Since you're back, I was going to buy one tomorrow.'

'You don't have to,' said Con. He picked up the package off the floor and handed it to her. 'Open it.'

Tornei did just that and gasped.

'The bow is made of dragon skin and the string is elf hair. I made it for you....'

Tornei kept looking at it. She definitely preferred this bow over her old one.

'I was thinking we could give your old one to Jenna. She's been wanting a bow for some time now.'

Tornei didn't say anything, she just kissed him. It wasn't the 'I haven't seen you in six years and now your home' kiss from last night. This was one of their rare, tender kisses. Con had actually departed to war on angry terms and Tornei had eventually forgot what the argument was about. Time seemed to have gotten worse those days. Arguments that usually resulted in angry sex. Tornei had actually got rid of their child twice. She'd never told Con that. She'd never told anyone that. So, yes, tender times like this were rare. Then there was a knock on the door and the kiss was broken.

'Enter.' called Tornei.

A guard walked in. 'Your Grace. Milady. We sighted an elf called Bowen. We thought you might want to speak to him.'

'Where is he?' asked Con.

'In the Main Hall.'

'We'll be there,' The guard bowed and walked out of their room. Con turned to face Tornei again.

'Perhaps this is a perfect change to test this out.' she said, picking up her bow.

'Come on.' said Con, standing up. Tornei joined him.

'If he insults me, he's getting shot.' she said, as they walked out.

'No doubt he will.' said Con. Tornei smiled.


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