Author: Lacey Dentelle

Chapter 4
Chapter Four

As the sunlight streamed through the windows, Dalya Fyrehart had no idea where Jenna had gotten to. After her sister's angry outburst, she'd ran away and left Dalya only to call after her. She could have followed her, but she was Dalya Fyrehart- the daughter who always obeyed her parents no matter what.

Dalya was sitting at the table, eating her breakfast when her tutor, Carla entered the room and sat down.

'There is your sister?' the tutor asked.

'Ouside somewhere.' said Dalya, not looking up from her food.

'What do you mean, outside somewhere. You know perfectly well, Dalya not to let your sister go outside. The war might have stopped but that doesn't stop the other creatures from coming to Berkeville. Your Mother let strict instructions for not one of you to leave the house and what do you let Jenna do, leave!'

Carla was angry with her now and that was something Dalya didn't want. A tear fell from her left eye. Carla noticed this. 'Oh, Dalya, stop crying. You're fifteen years old, not five.'

Having enough of Carla, Dalya stood up to leave the room.

'And where do you think you're going?' called her tutor's stern voice.

Anyone would think she was talking to Jenna. Dalya thought. She turned around to face Carla. 'Up to my room. I'm not hungry.'

'Now you're starting to sound like Jenna, and if you want to be like your sister I will treat you the same way as I treat her,' Carla's voice had began to raise. 'Sit down and eat your breakfast!' Carla grabbed Dalya's wrists and practically dragged her back to the table.

'What's going on here?' came Conwyn's voice.

'Dalya wants to behave like Jenna.' said Carla.

'There's nothing wrong with that. Where is Jenna, anyway?'


Just as Dalya was about to speak, the door shot opened and in came Jenna.

'There here! There coming this way! I think they saw me! I think they followed me!' Jenna cried, through heavy breaths and pants.

'Who's here?' came Father's voice, concerned.

'The elves...' said Jenna, sitting down on the chair Carla was sitting on.

'The elves...' breathed Father.

'What's happened?' Dalya heard her mother ask, as she came down the stairs.

'Jenna said elves where here.' snickered Dalya. She did believe the whole thing to be amusing.

'I'm not lying!' snarled Jenna. 'They are out there,' turning towards their father. 'Go see for yourself if you don't believe me.' And Conwyn did just that.

Dalya decided to follow him, accompanied by the rest. She found out that what her sister had said was the truth as two elves, with hair as white as snow and big pointed ears sat upon horses.

'We're looking for Conwyn Fyrehart,' the one on a horse, the same colour as his hair called out.

'That'll be me.' said Father.

'We're just here to warn you that once the elves have won the war and taken control of Newearth, as they're supposed to, we'll be taking Berkeville so you lot better clear out.' the first elf threatened.

'And once we have taken Berkeville, we'll be taking a nice little she-wolf back to Half-breeds Court with us.' the second one said. Dalya saw his gaze land on Mother.

'And if we don't leave?' asked Father.

The first one pulled out his sword from his scabbard on his back and point the pointy end at Mother. 'As Dolan implied here, we'll take this little wolf and hurt her in the only ways we can.' The first elf sheathed his sword and galloped off out of Berkeville with 'Dolan' following closely behind.

'Let's go inside.' said Father. Dalya looked to her left to see the cook's boy smiling at me. She smiled back. 'Come on, Dalya.' said Father, leading her back inside.


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