Author: Lacey Dentelle

Chapter 3
Chapter Three

Jenna Fyrehart climbed out of her bed and brushed her hair into a ponytail. She hated her hair. In fact, she hated everything about her appearance. She hated being constantly compared to her sister. Everyone in the village said Dalya was beautiful, while Jenna was ugly. Dalya had wavy, strawberry blonde hair and sea blue eyes, while Jenna had black hair and grey eyes. Dalya was bright, whilst Jenna was dull. Jenna hated not being centre of attention when they went places. She hated the way boys looked at Dalya and didn't even give Jenna a second look. But most of all, she hated how Dalya could easily make friends, whereas the only friend Jenna had was her slingshot.

Jenna loved her slingshot. It was probably the only thing she properly loved. Jenna had made it when she was three. She did ask her father for a bow, just like her mother had and he said he'd think about it. That's what else Jenna hated. She hated how whenever she wanted something it was always 'We'll think about it.' But whenever Dalya wanted something, she got it on the spot. Cadmys did too, but Jenna liked Cadmys over Dalya so that was irrelevant.

There was one thing Jenna actually did like about her appearance. It was her wolf ears. They were black, too, but the pink in them made them stand out. Jenna reckoned she had the best ears in her family.

Jenna left her room only to almost walk into Dalya!

'Hey, Jenna,' said Dalya, cheerfully. 'Where are you going?'

'Somewhere were you're not.' said Jenna, frustratedly. Dalya was the last person she wanted to see or speak to.

'I was only trying to be nice.' said Dalya, sounding annoyed now.

Jenna huffed, 'If you must know, I'm going for a walk.'

Dalya's eyes widened. 'You can't! Mother said we're not allowed to leave the house, plus we've got lessons.'

'I don't care about stupid lessons!' Jenna said, getting angry. She hated how she wasn't allowed to do what she wanted. 'And I don't care what you or Mother say, I'm a wolf and wolves can look after themselves.' with that, Jenna ran off down the stairs. She could hear Dalya calling her name but she ignored it. Instead, she opened the front door and slammed it behind her. Jenna knew it would wake her family up, but she didn't care. She hated Dalya. She hated how she thought she could control her.

Not realising where she was actually going, Jenna noticed she had ventured far into the forest. It felt good to be out. She wasn't allowed out on her own because her Mother thought someone might kidnap them, then use their lives against their father.

A few birds flew in the sky and Jenna pulled her slingshot out the pocket of her dress and started to shoot at them. At the ten who flew across, Jenna only managed to hit one. As she was about to walk over to it, she heard voices. Jenna made her way to where the voices where and hid behind a tree.

'The end has to be somewhere.' one of them said.

'In Elflees you can tell where you're going because the moss grows on the trees. Berkeville doesn't it that here.' the second one said.

Jenna looked around the tree so she could get a look at them. They were elves who both had long white-blonde hair and carried swords.

Elves in Berkeville? Jenna thought. That must mean the war is over, and father's back!

Jenna began to make her way from the elves, but she fell over a tree root and landed with a thud. The elves stop rustling around.

'What was that?' the first one said.

They began to walk slowly towards Jenna. 'We know someones there.'

Jenna climbed back onto her feet and ran back to the village as fast as her eleven year old legs could run.

I have to warn someone. There has to be a reason the elves are here.


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