Author: Lacey Dentelle

Chapter 1
Chapter One

As the war raged on, Conwyn Fyrehart could feel his heart beating extremely fast. Dragons breathed fire. Dwarves worked together. Griffins stratched and clawed. Elves used spells and weapons. Giants and trolls bludgered. Winter Zombies were smashed to pieces, while Half-breeds grabbed whatever weapon they could lay their hands on.

The war had already been happening for a year. It had started when the creatures wanted to control Newearth. Half-breeds had ruled Newearth for hundreds, thousands of years from the Throne of Gold. None of the other creatures had any problems until a year ago when the Dwarves decided that they wanted to be in control. For six moons it was a battle between the Half-breeds and them, but soon the battle turned into a war when the other creatures decided to join in.

While the war was still waring in the fields, towns, cities and villages were being burned and smashed. Con hoped with all his heart that nothing had happened to Berkeville. The village there he grew up and there his wolf-wife and children were waiting for him.

Con's own black wolf ears twitched up. A second after he heard Cedlyn Slatefort scream, 'Look out!' Con looked up to see the end of a dragon's tail smash the fort he was hiding under. He jumped out of the way.

'You can't hide forever, Fyrehart. One of these creatures are gonna kill ya, and the way your goin' it'll be ya own people.' Slatefort joked.

'Well, once this war's over and we're all back home, that Half-breed will be killed for being a Kingslayer.' replied Con.

Slatefort's facial expresions changed to seriousness. 'This war'll never be over. Not while every creature in Newearth still breaths.' A dragon flew below the mountain in which Con and Slatefort were standing on. Slatefort took the opportunity to jump down onto the dragon's head and stab it with his sword, dragon blood running down its face. Con ran up the steps and slashed his way through, killing elves and dwarves who stood in his way.

The war raged on, and Conwyn Fyrehart's heart kept beating faster and faster.


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