The M.H.X. Chronicals
Author: marshalg

Chapter 3
Mudpies with Vega


Making mud pies with Vega

On a Wednesday afternoon,

When the thin Autumn sun

Beats a chilled, hollow drum

Whilst the diesel throbs in tune.


Carving the swales with Vega

Shaping the watershed drain,

Removing the mud

With our sweat and our blood

Out there in the sun and the rain.


Understanding Vega

Is a task not many take on,

But his gutteral shouts

And occasional pouts

Are just part of his usual song.


Getting the job done with Vega

Is an achievement you gotta employ,

‘Cos the lines are straight

And the levels look great

And old Vega is wriggling with joy.


The crooked eye of Vega

Crinkles with laughter and mirth

And his black Indian face

Laughs with Fijian grace

And his day is at peace with the earth.


It’s an adventure to work with Vega

Verbally jousting with someone you like,

Understanding his drill

Needs particular skill

In picking who’s wrong and who’s right.


The digger’s humming with Vega

Aerobatically, gracefully smooth,

There’s barely a pause

As the big bucket soars

Flying mud keeps the trucks on the move.


Ya gotta be happy with Vega

Professionally he has no peer,

For the job is tight

If ya sign language is right

But the overseer thinks you’re both queer.


Making bloody mud pies with Vega

At the end of the day you’re poked,

You’ve been up to the gills

In blue mud without frills

Throw ya a pie and a beer and ya stoked!




Beachcroft site.

30 May 2009





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