The M.H.X. Chronicals
Author: marshalg

Chapter 2
M.H.X. Emergeth


Dedicated to the Hard Hats, ..for holding it all together.


Hore frost on the green grass

There's a cold moon in the sky

The estuary waters black and calm

Where golden ripples lie.


Dawn's horizon lightens up

Bright stars begin to dim

Hard Hats all arrive for work

And with frozen breath...log in.


Work boots crunching on the stone

The men disperse to trucks,

The diesel motors roar to life

Their departures forming rucks.


Swarming in the morning light

Each to his own job's task,

Bridge building work underway

As dawn's first sunbeams bask.



Amazing the complexity

That building bridges has,

Amazing how voraciously

It eats up time and gas.


The planning and design work

The funding of supply,

Those organizational matters

And the labour standing bye.




Digging, lifting, shoving, shifting

Moving this to there,

A logistical nightmare

For the novice, unaware.


Steel and timber by the ton

Concrete pours en mass,

Gravel, sand and aggregate

And reservoirs of gas.




Procurement of supply ensures

A smooth transitional flow

Of successive small procedures

To make the project mesh and grow.


Day after day the massive trucks

Carting tons of sand

Are authorized by gate men

To unload on to land

Where motorway construction

Is steadfastly taking place

And progressing at

A gradual and steady building pace.




From concept to completion

A million multitasks,

Which involves a caste of thousands

And a schedule which asks,

That the finished installation

Be completed by the time

Of the Rugby World Cup kickoff,

Our global status on the line.


Like ants the Hard Hats swarm about

Each does his little bit

And gradually, over time,

The bridge emerges from the pit.

It emergeth like a phoenix

In a drab and sombre gown

But on completion, shines like fire

To be the nation's most re known.


The Manukau Harbour Crossing

A project for the Gods,

Of massive lengths of concrete

And miles of reinforcing rods.

Of an eternity of effort

From everyone involved

And an asset for New Zealand

And a beauty to behold.





Mangere Bridge

14th March 2009

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