When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 7
Names for kittens

 After dinner Brooke walked over to the side of her room, bent down, and pushed on the wall. This house was once owned by a millionare. It seemed that this millionare had ideas about hiding places, because if you pushed onto certain places on the walls of the home, a door would sometimes appear.


 A small door appeared where Brooke had pushed. The door was just the right size for a child to crawl through.


"Come on you guys" Brooke told the cats "You can live in here". Angel walked over and looked at the ladder which led up to part of the house attic. "Are you sure its safe up there?" she asked, "I'm sure" Brooke replied "I hid up there when Sam got a hold of Chris's old BB gun". Shadow walked ahead of Angel and started slowly trying to climb up the stairs. He slipped on the third step and fell into Brookes arms. "That doesn't work" he told her. Brooke decided that she would carry them up there. 


Shadow looked around at the room "Come on" he told Angel, who had just been placed behind him by Brooke. Angel staggered up next to him and looked around.


The place was painted yellow and had a beige carpet floor. Brooke had moved his litterbox, bed and scratching post up there after dinner.


"Meow" one of Shadows kittens said, Angel walked over to it, "Its a girl" she whispered to him. This kitten was black and had a white spot on its head and tip of her tail. "Daisy" Angel told Shadow. "We will name her Daisy" Shadow meowed back.


Then Brooke brought up another kitten that looked exactly like daisy but didn't have the white marking on its tail. This one was a boy. Shadow decided on the name Peppermint for his son.


 Then came two other kittens. They where also almost identical to each other. These where light brownish gray tabbys with dark brown blotchy stripes running down their bodies. They where both females. "Well, lets name the one with less white on its legs Rose, hmmmm, and the other one Sapphire, Rose and Sapphire" Angel said nicely. Shadow laid those two kittens with Peppermint and Daisy.


Then the last one was brought up. It was a male. He was a light orangeish-brown with thin black stripes. He was definitely the smallest of the bunch."How about Tiger?" Shadow suggested, "No, not tigerish enough" Angel said. "Then how about Pie?" Shadow said, again it was regected. Lollipop, Butter, Lion, Monster,..Fluffy?". Finally he suggested what he thought would be another rejected name. "Foyer", "That's it" Angel said, "What does it mean?". "I don't know, but now it means our son" Shadow said. Both cats laughed the night away. 



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