When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 6

After school Brookes dad picked her up. Beth was at her friends house and Sam was sitting there wearing his Cub Scouts uniform. "Hi sweetie" Brookes father said "We already brought the turtle home, Shawn gave it to me earlier, did he tell you it was yours?". "No" Brooke asked, overjoyed because she loved animals.


As they pulled into the Andersons driveway Brooke saw some glowing eyes on the lawn. As the car drove past Brooke saw Shadow, he was carrying something in his mouth. When Mr. Anderson had parked the car Brooke ran out and saw what Shadow was carrying.


 "Oh my gosh" Brooke breathed. Shadow was carrying a kitten, but he wasn't alone, there was a calico cat walking right beside him. The calico cat colapsed and Shadow stopped. Brooke ran to them. The calico cat was easily defined a female, and she was breathing hard and was cold.


Shadow looked up to her with begging eyes. She could almost hear him say, bring her inside, she just had my kittens. Actually Brooke really did hear him say that. Brooke stared at him mouth open. "Just do it" he begged, so Brooke opened her backpack and put the calico and her five kittens in the bag and picked up Shadow. "Thank you" he whispered.


 "What took you so long, I was getting worried" Brookes dad said sternly. "I was getting Shadow" she answered him as he hugged her. Brooke rushed through the Andersons orange and white marble million dollar house up the stairs to her room. Her father had washed all her clothes and there was a new desk in her room. It had a ten-gallon tank on it. In the tank was sand coating the bottom. There was a small pond and a hut in the tank also. The turtle was sitting in the pond.


Brooke sat Shadow down and opened her backpack and tipped it over. The calico she-cat rolled out along with three of the kittens. One kitten still laid in the bag and another one bounded out. "Isn't she beautiful" Shadow asked her, Brooke stared at the cat "Where did you learn how to talk" she asked. "You answer mine and all answer yours" Shadow said sternly licking his mate to try and revive her. "Ok, well yes she is beautiful, now will you answer my question Shadow" Brooke said. "Ok ok" Shadow huffed "I've known how to talk since I was a kitten, but never talked to anyone else...".


"Shadow" the calico cat meowed softly, Shadow ran over to her and licked her head "Yes darling". "Are any of the kits alive, and where are we" she said struggling to her feet. Brooke reached out her hand and picked up one of the kittens. This one was a little reddish-brown tabby with thin black stripes. "This one is" Brooke said to the calico cat "What is your name"? "Oh thank goodness" the cat said regaining her strength and standing up "I'm Angel". "Yes, her name is Angel" said Shadow grooming each of his precious little kittens. "And can you keep them here with us" Shadow meowed. "Yes" Brooke said "yes yes and yes".


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