When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 5

Brooke jumped out of Ms. Kellys car when they arrived at J. J. Middle School. The school grounds where full of children running into the three building at the school.


Brooke did not understand why the school had three buildings, one for each grade. Each building had many rooms with out anything in them. Some rooms where just detention rooms.


Detention was the worst it could be at this Middle School. There was one seat in each room. It was a hard wooden seat. The only other thing in the room was a giant TV. When Brooke first heard that she thought detention would be great.


Brookes Detention

by Brooke Anderson


Brooke Anderson walked down the halls of her new school, the dreaded J.J. Middle, to detention. One of her classmates,Jeff Bobi, had told her detention was great. And that you watched TV the whole time. So Brooke had screamed in class and jumped out of her seat to do the Chicken Dance. She ran to the front of the room and did it on the teachers desk. Now that was the wrong thing to do to her teacher, Ms. Devlindeskyz (De-vil-in-dea-sky-zzz). Ms. Devl had given her detention, what she wanted. Brooke walked into the room and saw a hard chair and a "HUGE" screen TV. When Brooke sat down she looked for a remote. But the TV just automatically started playing, and it played the worst shows on earth. Dora then Barney, then repeat the process for an hour. This was the WORST detention EVER.

The End


And that was Brookes introduction to her new school. Brooke walked to her classroom and walked in the door. A tall woman with raven black hair and amber eyes was standing in the door. She was very thin and had glossy red lips. She was wearing a long black dress and black high heels. She was slapping a ruler on her hand. "Hello my pretty" she cackled "And your little friends too", Ms. Devlindeskyz was the worst teacher ever. She pointed her long thin finger to Brookes desk. A small brown haired girl was sitting there, Aubrey Jensen, one of the nicest and shyest girls in the world. "Hi" Aubrey squeaked, "Hi" Brooke said back.


On the other sided of Brookes seat was a kid with black hair hanging over his face, his green eyes where the only thing you could see of his face. "Hi" Brooke told him, "hi" he whispered back. This kid had to be shyer then Aubrey. Sol Alverez was his name.


"Ok everyone" Ms Devl cackled slamming the door shut, just then a kids face poked in. "Detention for you" Ms. Devl screamed to the kid who soon disappeared from the door. "Now where were we, oh right" She laughed horribly " I was telling you about your one hundred question Surprise Math Test". All the kids in class sighed except Gertrude McFuzz, who jumped up in down in her seat giggling.  But Gertrude had something wrong with her.


Ms. Devl walked around the room handing out the ten page test. When Brooke got her copy she looked at it in astonishment. What did 23x +6(78)^-97a+788(a x 2)+9= mean?. Every other question on the test was like that.


Once everyone had gotten their paper Ms. Devl announced "You have thirty seconds to complete this, now begin". Brooke has just began to comprehend the first question when the timer buzzed. "Time up" Ms. Devl cackled "now there is a Super Hard Science Test ready for you".


The rest of the day was like that. Hard tests that no one finished, except that weird Gertrude McFuzz. She finished every test.



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