Peter and Brian in 'Sheep Movie'
Author: Bobby South

Chapter 6
Unhappily Ever After

Days later, there was a contest in the Lake District called Sheep's Got Talent. The last two constants were Connie DiMico and her cheerleading team (calling themselves Sexy Sheep) and Meg the Sheep showing her video diary of everything she and the sheep did to help Gromit break out of prison and defeating Preston.       

First, the Sexy Sheep went on stage and did an incredible cheerleading act on stage.

Everyone gave applause, even the three sheep judges, Terry, Greg and Simon Cowell sheep.

“That was very good,” said Terry.

“That was cool,” said Greg.

“How long have you been practicing that?” asked Simon.

The Sexy sheep bowed their heads, feeling like they wasted their time.

“Because that hard work seems about to be paid off.”

Then everyone cheered again.

Next, it was Meg’s turn. Everyone laughed at her appearance, but everyone went silent as she set up her video camera to the projector and showed everything from breaking Gromit out of prison to shoving Preston into the mincing machine. Everyone gave a thunderous applause more than the Sexy Sheep.

“You’re not pretty, but talent doesn’t need beautifulness,” cheered Terry.

“That was the most thrilling thing I have ever seen,” said Greg excitedly.

“You risk your life and your friends’ lives to prove a dog’s innocence?” asked Simon. “You shouldn’t be here; you should be at the news station…” Meg and the audience bowed their head in shame, much Connie’s happiness. “Not! So welcome aboard!”

Minutes later, Simon got up with the results the public has voted for. “And the winner of Sheep's Got Talent is… Meg!”

Everyone cheered.

But Connie confronted her. “You may have won,” she said, “but I’m getting the field and the land to myself and my friends, got it?” Then she was pulled around by Roberta.

“You talk to my friend like that again and the only things you’ll have are diseases in your body and in the street!” the threatening sheep shouted.

“Yeah!” agreed Hayley. “We homeless sheep would like to somewhere to live!”

And the three girls kicked her in the stomach. Connie rolled down the hill and fell into the pond. She was pulled out by Neil the sheep.

“Do you need a hoof?” he smiled.

Connie had never been so annoyed in her life.



The next day, the sheep moved in and it was like a paradise. At Horace’s bar, Wallace, Gromit and Wendolene were talking to the new herd leader, Adam West.

“So, can we trust you to take care of my sheep?” asked Wallace.

“Sure you can,” answered Herd Leader West. “I will be the first one to be hurt or get sheered.”

Then Quagmire and Cleveland ran by, sheered.

“We’ve been sheered!” cried Quagmire.

“I feel exposed and nasty!” cried Cleveland.

“Well, accidents do happen,” was all Herd Leader West could say.

Wallace and Wendolene took a walk near the field.

“I just want to say thank you,” said Wendolene, pressing a button on her remote that Wallace made for her. “He’s just like he used to be.”

Then Preston, clucking like a normal chicken, came with a newspaper in his mouth.

“Oh, don’t mention it. Thanks, Cluck!” said Wallace, taking the newspaper from his mouth. “Give me a shout he starts acting like a bastard again.”

“You’re very kind,” smiled Wendolene.

“Won’t you come to my house?” asked Wallace. “Gromit and I are going to celebrate his name clear by drinking beer.”

“Oh, no, not beer!” exclaimed a shocked Wendolene. “Sorry, I’m at risk of liver cancer. Besides even if I wasn’t, I couldn’t stand the stuff.”

And just by hearing that, Wallace felt like his organs and his bones were dropped out of his body. “Not even Bluebird Bitter?” he asked.

“Well, we’ve got to be on our way,” said Wendolene. “Goodbye, Chuck.” But Wallace turned around and walked away very quickly. Gromit unsurely began to follow him.

Sadly, Wendolene and Preston went in the other direction.



Back at 62 West Wallaby Street, now tidy and clean as it was before any sheep set hoof into the house, a heartbroken Wallace sat in his armchair. “What the hell is wrong with Bluebird Bitter?” he asked.

Gromit, sat in an armchair reading the newspaper entitled GROMIT EXONERATED. APOLOGIES, DRUNKEN MUTT! He looked at Wallace.

“Wallace, you’ve got to learn to respect others’ point of view,” he said, comforting him. “Why should Wendolene change for you, yet you don’t need to change for her?”

“Yeah, you’re right,” moaned Wallace. “Just like Luke Skywalker was right about Darth Vader. Talking of which,” he went on, cheering up, “all the more for us and not a bloody sheep to worry us or piss us off.”

But, when he opened his cupboard, he found all the beer had been drank and the bottles were in pieces. The only unbreakable thing he saw was – Shaun the sheep pissed off.

“Hey, get off me beer!” shouted Wallace angrily. “Sod off! Piss off! Gromit! Go for him!”

“No, sort him out yourself,” Gromit told him as he continued to read the paper.

“Yeah,” Shaun chuckled as he threw up on the floor. “You can clean that up as I’m too drunk to do it.”


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