Author: IIAutophobia

Chapter 2

Whit had barely remembered his first appearance with an Odd. He was probably a second year in school, when a boy with short blonde hair sat in the seat behind him in class.

The boy's eyes stung of blue and his skin was the lightest color he had ever seen. The strangest of all things were the small, red faded lines on and slightly above his lips. Whit had remembered that the boy talked strangely and acted weirdly around some things.

One memory although, Whit couldn't seem to distinguish. On a certain day of every year, students would receive medical shots from the nurse. Just by the mention of a needle, the boy flipped out, hiding in the corner of the room holding his ears.

Whit had seen this reaction many times from Odds. In his fifth year, a girl with dark brown skin forced herself to vomit over and over until they finally sent her out of the school; avoiding medications and shots. Odds were well....odd.

Not all Odds were afraid of shots, though.

The girl with flames for hair happened to be one of the few Odds not afraid of shots. She used to be one of the first few people to show up when the teachers told everyone to get into a quiet line. Sadly though, the teachers placed the Odds in the back of the line, just as they would for organizing seats in class.

"The teachers make fun of me," the girl had spoken to him one time, "call me 'Harmony' instead of Melody."

She twirled a string of her hair around her finger, "I hate it."

"I would too." He responded hesitantly.

Her green eyes darted the room, "my mom and dad had told me that they never had schools like this when they were kids."

"How so?"

"They told me the place they came from was horrible. Escaped and came here to Artemisia and had me here. 'Said I was lucky."

"What was beyond the lake?" He asked curiously.

"Never told me. Said it was too horrifying to tell." She said with her poor grammar, tracing letters onto her notebook with her finger.

He nodded slowly, taking in what she had told him. Something was beyond the large lake that surrounded Whit's city, Artemisia.

Something awful.


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