Peter and Brian in 'Sheep Movie'
Author: Bobby South

Chapter 1

Family Guy presents:


Peter Griffin and Brian Griffin as Wallace and Gromit








Bobby South


From the creators of Scary Movie, Epic Movie and Disaster Movie, here comes my third spoof on the third Wallace and Gromit short, A Close Shave. As a bonus, this includes characters from Family Guy, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show.


Note: I do not own any of these. Wallace and Gromit were created by the genius of animated films since Walt Disney, Nick Park, and Family Guy was created by the new Hanna-Barbera company in one man, Seth MacFarlane.

Cast List


  • Peter Griffin as Wallace

  • Brian Griffin as Gromit

  • Lois Griffin as Wendolene Ramsbottom

  • Roger the Alien (from American Dad!) as Shaun the Sheep.

  • Ernie the Giant Chicken as Preston the Cyber Chicken.

Sheep Extras


  • Family Guy: Chris Griffin, Meg Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, Mort Goldman, Neil Goldman, Horace, Seamus, Carl, Greased-Up Deaf Sheep, Sexy Sheep (Connie DiMico and her cheerleading squad) and Herd Leader Adam West.

  • American Dad!: Stan Smith, Francine Smith, Steve Smith, Hayley Smith, Snot, Barry, Toshi, Jeff Fischer, Jackson, Dick, Sanders, Terry and Greg and Bullock.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland Brown, Cleveland Brown Jr., Donna Tubbs, Roberta Tubbs, Rallo Tubbs, Lester, Holt, Terry, Federline Jones and Coach Charles McFall.

Also Appearing:


  • Consuela as the Dresser Robot Mark 2

  • The Kool-Aid Man for cameo

  • The Evil Monkey for a cameo

  • Joanna as a Hippo

  • Klaus the Goldfish (from American Dad!) as himself

  • Mr. Flippers (from The Cleveland Show) as himself

  • Tim the Bear (from The Cleveland Show) is the Prison Warden



  • Dr. Hartman as the Dresser Robot Mark 1

  • Tom Tucker as himself

  • Diana Simmons as herself

  • Ollie Williams as himself

  • And Stewie Griffin as Feathers McGraw


Summertime had arrived and the Griffins were having a vacation at a camping site in Illinois. They were camping with their friends: Quagmire, Joe and Bonnie Swanson, Cleveland Brown and his new family. They also bumped into a CIA man and his family called the Smiths. They even have their pet goldfish with them.

“What a great vacation this is, Lois,” smiled Peter.

“Yeah, it sure is, Peter,” agreed Lois.

“I have never made so many friends in my life,” said Meg.

“The martinis here are excellent,” said Brian.

“Look at me!” cried Chris.

The Griffins turned around to see Chris bouncing on a trampoline.

“I finally found an exercise that I love and I can do!” Chris told them. Then he fell off and landed on the rocks near it. “I still love it!”



That night, all the campers were in the giant log cabin. The Camp Master was going to show a film. The lights went out and the screen projector came out.

“Oh, what film is it going to be?” cried Peter, jumping on his seat. “Is it A Good Day to Die Hard?”

“I hope it’s Wreck-It-Ralph,” said Stewie.

“I hope it’s Schindler’s List,” said Klaus the goldfish.

“I bet it’s Frozen!” cried Steve Smith.

“I hope it’s got Rihanna in it!” cried Roberta Tubbs.

“I hope it’s Black Hawk Down!” cried Stan Smith. “It’s nice to see a movie about a bunch of Americans defeating a bunch of – ”

“Stan, shut up and sit down!” whispered Francine, his wife. “You’ll get us kicked out for being racist.”

Then the Camp Master appeared on the stage in front of the screen projector.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” he said. “I regret to say that there will be no movie tonight.”
     The campers gasped. “What? Why?” they asked.

“Our DVD machine is not working and we can’t fix it for tonight,” said the Camp Master. “But it will be fixed for tomorrow. So have a nice night.”

“What are we going to do?” cried Hayley Smith.

“What can we do?” asked Cleveland Brown Jr.

“I say we go crazy!” yelled Rallo Tubbs.

“Yeah!” the campers agreed.

Then one of the Smiths went in front of the screen.

“Attention, everyone!” he yelled.

But the campers were still fighting.

“EVERYONE, SHUT UP!” he yelled at the top of his lungs.

The campers went silent and sat back in their seats.

“Hi, my name is Roger Smith,” he said to the campers. “And I have a story to tell that you’ll love. It’s about sheep and robots and love. Bet you can’t guess which story I’m going to tell…”


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