When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 3
Football practice

The car arrived in the High School parking lot and Sam slams open the door of the car before dad even shuts the car down. Sam just runs and starts playing with the other kids on the team.


As dad shuts the car down Chris slings his backpack over his shoulder, gets out of the car, and casually walks over towards the main building, like every Monday. Beth gets out next and runs over to the bleachers and sits down with some other kids that do ballet. All of them are alot thinner then Beth.


Brooke follows them but her dad stops her. " The Kellys are coming to bring you to school today" he told her " Ms. Andrea ( aka Ms. Kelly) said that they are going to be here near the beginning of practice.


 After her father tells her that Brooke runs of towards the bleecher with her dad.  Jorden Kelly and her brother Shawn where the only friends that Brooke made at J.J. Middle School, where they went to school. Dad sat at the bottom of the bleachers while Brooke rushed to the very top. This was the only thing that she liked about Football practice. The view. The top of the Wolves stadium bleachers was one of the tallest places in town.


Brooke takes out her notebook and looks at the picture again. She started adding shading and more detail just as she hears thump thump thump coming from behind her. Brooke closes her notebook and turns around, it was a tall, thin girl with long, strait, black hair. She had green eyes and was carrying her black backpack over her shoulder, the same way Chris carries his. It was her friend Jorden "Hi Jorden" Brooke calls to to her "How are you doing?", "Fine" Jorden answers happily. Jordens brother Shawn shows up behind her.


Shawn has light brown hair and blue eyes like Brookes. He was carring his light blue backpack over his shoulder like Jorden. Shawn smiles at Brooke and sits down next to Brooke while Jorden sits on the other side.


Shawns takes of his back pack and sets it on his lap. "This is a surprise for you so I want you to close your eyes" he said. Brooke did what he said and closed her eyes. She heard Shawn open his back pack and felt Jorden wiggle beside her. "Now come on open up, not you Brooke" Shawn whispered. "Put your hands out" he told her, Brooke followed. he set something in her hands. "Now feel it" Jorden insisted in a squeaky-with-anxiety voice . Brooke felt it. It was warm and scaly and then as she moved her hand up farther she felt a shell. "Now open your eyes" Shawn said. Brooke did what he said and saw.....


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