When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 2
The Dream

Brooke dressed in the ugly sweater and picked up Shadow. "I'm so sorry" she told the cat, she wasn't really mad at him, only at Sam. Brooke set Shadow on the bed and took out her brush. Brooke pulled it though her white-blonde hair and sighed. Her father said she had her mothers hair.


Brooke hardly ever saw her mother. Ms. Anderson's work kept her away from her family for most of the year. Brooke normally only saw her mother when the family went on their annual Christmas vacation to Florida. Brooke didn't even know what her mother worked on.


Shadow jumped up on Brookes night stand and purred, he was there for Brooke, always. Brooke picked Shadow up and walked down stairs. 


As Brooke walked down the long marble staircase in their million dollar home she heard the faint buzz of one of her fathers Michael Jackson CDs. Brooke slapped her face with her free hand. It had to be her little sister Beth.


Beth was Sams twin and was just as burly as he was, but she thought she was destined to become a champion ballerina and already thought she was as good as the ones on TV. But  she couldn't even spin around without knocking something over.


Brooke was exactly right. Beth was running around knocking thing over in her ugly pink tutu. "La la" Beth screamed leaping of the table while the CD started playing the Michael Jackson hit Thriller. "Hi Bwookie and Kitteh!" sung Beth "do woo wike da best ballawina in da world?". Beth had some speech issue's that her father was worried about.


"Come on you two" Brookes father screamed from the garage sounding impatient. Brooke grabbed her notebook and led Beth out to the car. Beth pulled open the bright red door of there sports car and climbed in. Brooke climbed in after Beth and sat down in the back of the car with her older brother Chris. Chris was seventeen and hitched a ride to highschool with them on Monday because the kindergarten football team practiced football there.  "Hi Squirt" mumbled to her, his eyes focused on his PSP he was playing. "Hi Videobrain" she mumbled back to him as she opened her notebook to her favorite picture she drew. Brooke was a exceptionally good artist.


The picture she had drawn was of a girl sitting on a hill watching the sunset. There was a big lake beside her, and no signs of civilization in sight. The girl was sitting in a bed of flowers with a cat. That was Brookes dream, that is where she wanted to live. But Brooke almost knew there would never be a way to get there. But she always loved to dream of it. Brooke stared into the distance, just imagining it.


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