Sleeping Secrets
Author: Vincent Lamperouge

Chapter 9
Don't mess with Family

Despite Emma being right at her door step, Elise's plan was almost complete. However she grew impatient and got ready to induce Alexis into labor. As Sunset hit, she took Alexis to her bedroom and tied her to the bed with chains and shackles. Up until now, she never felt more afraid. Elise decided to see if she could hear 'her baby'. Finally, Emma's anger starting flying out of control and she broke the door down when she heard Alexis' cries for help. Unknown to the Cops and Jen, Emma was headed for Elise. By the time they realized that she was gone, Jen ran to the address that her best friend was most likely at. When Emma got inside, she burst into the room and attacked Elise. During the brief struggle, Elise pulled a gun and attempted to shoot Emma. The struggle got more violent. Jen got to the house first before Detective Gardner and her fellow Officers, as they were wrapping things up at the Crime Scene that Emma practically left behind. Officer Walker decided to go with Jake to the Hospital, wanting to keep Blackheart company while Jake was being treated. Jen waited for Gardner and Keeter, not wanting to go in by herself. Before charging in, Detective Gardner decided to see if she could defuse the situation, as by the time they had arrived, the door was barricaded and Emma was subdued, much to Alexis' horror. Jen decided to help Gardner with negotiations. "Elise Belizaire, this is Detective Christine Gardner with the Renton Police Department. Please pick up the phone." she called out

While trying to get Elise on the phone, the Detective tried to get more information from Jen, who was worried sick for Emma. Before speaking to Jen, she turned to Officer Keeter who was there as back-up negotiator. Since it was her negotiation, Detective Gardner put Officer Keeter in charge of the SWAT Team, much to their own chagrin, as they were "being led by a Rookie", but their commander told them to follow orders, which they did reluctantly. "What's the situation, Officer?" A SWAT Operative asked.

"Barricaded Hostage Taker. Might be armed with a gun or a knife, but we can't tell. We got two hostages up there." Keeter explained

"Any info on the people inside?" he asked.

"Yes. Hostage Taker is 26-year-old Elise Belizaire. No Criminal Record, she's unemployed. Hostages are 24-year-old Alexis Gilcrest and 20-year-old Emma Gilcrest." Keeter answered.

Under his Balaclava, the SWAT Operative seemed surprised. Keeter then started barking orders at another SWAT Operative to get EMS on standby. After several attempts, Elise finally picked up the phone. "Hello Elise, this is Detective Christine Gardner with the Renton Police Department. How are you tonight?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm doing well detective, how about you?" Elise asked.

"Can you tell me why we're all here today and how we can all go home?" She asked, effectively beginning negotiations to get Emma and Alexis out safe.

"Yes, I had a miscarriage seven months ago. Mrs. Gilcrest killed my baby." she exclaimed.

"Is that right? What did Alexis do?" Gardner asked kindly.

"She got into a car-wreck with me. Look Officer, if you want at least Emma to get out alive, you got one hour to get your men to pull out." Elise then hung up on the detective.

After the failed attempt at negotiation, Gardner reluctantly turned to Jen for help. "Jen, what can you tell us about the Gilcrest Sisters?"

Jen didn't even know where to start. "Emma's a good person. I mean, I know she did break the law by breaking into the house, but she did it to try and save her sister. They're very close, detective. They'd do anything for each other. Alexis even asked Emma to be her baby's godmother. Then Alexis, life hasn't been going well for her. She lost her husband in a car accident six months ago."

"Now how does this connect to Elise?" Gardner asked curiously.

"At the time of the Car Crash that killed Alexis' husband, Elise was also pregnant. A few days following the accident, she had a miscarriage. Tried to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Alexis. Then her late husband ended up having to serve Jail Time. He was let out early for good behavior. I think he sealed his fate and...Crossed the line when he...helped his wife kidnap Alexis." Jen explained.

The SWAT Team was unable to get eyes in. However, because there was a pregnant woman being held hostage from within the house, the SWAT Team was left with extremely limited options. No Flash-Bangs, Smoke Bombs, Rubber Bullets or anything. Their only option was to negotiate, which was going to be difficult because Elise was not cooperating. When Elise was not looking, Emma was able to untie herself and attack Elise. Alexis can only watch in horror as her younger sister struggled with Elise. Despite getting a cut on her cheek and her arm, Emma prevailed and would push Elise off of her before kicking her out the window, landing on top of a Police Cruiser. This signaled the SWAT Team to enter the house. What Officer Walker and Officer Keeter would enter to see would soften their demeanors; Emma was holding Alexis very tightly. Officer Walker was glad he got to see that the case of abduction end happily versus the tragic ones that he would hear about so often. Because of Dr. Belizaire's death, Emma could be charged with First-Degree Murder, but Officer Keeter and Detective Gardner promised that they would request for Clemency because she did it to save her sister and protect her friends, so Gardner deemed it a 'Justifiable Homicide'. After being checked out by E.M.S, a paramedic instructed Emma to keep a close eye on Alexis to make sure that she is well rested and doesn't get too worked up, which meant to avoid arguments as much as possible. If Alexis loses her temper, it could risk early labor. After making their statements to Gardner, the Gilcrest Sisters were free to go. Alexis was glad that the whole ordeal was over and that she didn't lose her baby. Just one more week and she would get to hold her bundle of joy; her daughter...


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