the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 37


i feel the intensity
of the creeping smile
slide across my face
in that moment while

somehow i love the rhythm
repeat each beginning phrase
or else rhyme does not help
no longer am i amazed

i was not born to like literature
i was not born to write
but somehow now i know
written words make light

i was not born to scribble
neat prints upon a sheet
but somehow i began
to sense the written beat

i wrote as if it was real
i wrote as if it would last
but still i admit my writing
would only turn to dust

no paper won't turn yellow
no pencil will not break
and still i loved to write
fantasies i loved to make

yet writing had a rhythm
the rhythm i can follow
although i know no music
this rhythm doth i know

it flowed sometimes so smoothly
yet picking up the pace
would make the story better
an expression of writer's grace

no better way to propose
no smarter way to explain
but writing is for me
perhaps it's your disdain

words to be read i dreaded
since the days of a child
you could not make up your own
writing was free and wild

i was not born to pirouette
and dance across the floor
but i was grown to write
to create fake wings and soar

i was not born to make up songs
and play a sweet melody
but i was taught to find a love
of rhyming words so many

i was not born to kick
the soccer ball to the sky
but i was shown to skate
a graceful little lie

i was not born to cook
no love had i to bake
but my heart found a love
of stories i could make

rhythm lost its meaning
rhythm loses sound
but rhythm comes alive
when writing is all around


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