Sleeping Secrets
Author: Vincent Lamperouge

Chapter 7
A Firefight in Seattle

Three days have passed since the abduction. There were still no leads, no trace, nothing. The search was still going on as the investigating officers, along with a detective, refused to give up until Alexis could be found. Emma became increasingly worried as she continued to search for her sister. She had less then two weeks left until Alexis is due. Even Alexis' healthcare providers were worried for her. However, Emma promised herself that she would make her sister's kidnappers pay. Her message to them was going to become clear soon. On the morning of June 20th, 2014, Emma and her companions went down to Seattle to meet with the investigating officers and the detective assigned to the case. However, Emma was taking this meeting solo, as it was personal for her, so Jake and Jen went to arm themselves, as they somehow knew that whoever kidnapped Alexis was likely to send hired guns after Emma and them. At the Police Station in Seattle, Emma met with Corporal Walker and his partner rookie Officer Keeter, accompanied by Detective Gardner. "We understand that you are very concerned about your sister, Ms. Gilcrest, but our fellow Officers are searching very hard, both in Renton and Seattle. But we have no leads aside from the description and photograph of your sister that you have lent to us." Officer Keeter was a little nervous, as she was new on the job.

"Thank you Officers for helping me find my sisters. I may not know where to start because we have no leads, but..." Emma fumbled with her words.

"Where do you suggest we start, young lady?" Detective Gardner asked, as she looked at her notepad and pulled out a pen.

"I do know that my Sister...Got into a...Car Accident a few months ago. But outside of my brother-in-law's death, I don't know much else. Has my Sister been to court as of late?" Emma asked, as there might have been more to her Sister's car crash then what she knew.

"Let's find out." Detective Gardner said as she led them to her Office.

When she looked through recent court cases, she was a little shocked to find that Alexis was in one. She then opened up the case file. "Yes...Your...Sister has gone to court as of late, but it was about three months ago." Gardner told Emma and the Officers that were with her.

"It was for a Car Accident, correct?" Gardner asked.

"Yes. My sister got into a car accident a six months ago. My Brother-In-Law was killed in the crash. I was in College at the time, so I didn't know what happened. I just thought that she and her baby were the only ones to survive that crash." Emma told the Detective.

"That is where you are wrong my dear." Gardner told her.

"Who else survived the crash?" Emma asked.

"The passengers of the other car. Both survived. Elise Belizaire and her husband. At the time of the accident, Elise was also pregnant. A few days later, she had a miscarriage. The Belizaires tried to file a wrongful death lawsuit for the loss of their child, but it backfired." Gardner explained.

"How did it end up backfiring?" Emma asked.

"Mr. Belizaire ended up getting charged with Vehicular Manslaughter. He was sentenced up to twenty-five years in prison. However, he only served six months of his time. He was released both on bail and good behavior. He's on parole right now. If he does anything to violate his parole, he will be locked up again." Gardner explained as she looked through the case file.

"Could it be possible that the Belizaires kidnapped my sister?" Emma asked.

"Hmmmm, what would be a motive for the Belizaires, namely Elise, to kidnap your...expecting sister?" the Detective asked, a little puzzled, but surprised.

"Well, Madame Belizaire had a miscarriage, so I would think that she would...abduct my sister and take her baby for herself in revenge." Emma stated, as she put two and two together and everything seemed clear.

"Um, give me some time to talk to my superiors about this. You do bring up a good point. Thank you for your time." Gardner said as she shook Emma's hand and saw her off.

As Emma got back into her car, she received a text from Jake. She quickly left the Police Station and drove to a Diner to meet her two friends. "You guys found any new information?" Emma asked as she took a sip out of her coffee.

Before Jake can explain his findings, glass began shattering as gunfire started roaring and bullets flying everywhere. When the trio got outside, they were met with Gunfire. They were in for a firefight. While Emma called the Police, Jen and Jake provided cover fire. Before she can even press call, Emma was confronted by a tall, muscular man. He cracked his knuckles and got prepared to try and grab her. Soon, Emma was in for the fight of her life. At the same time, Jen and Jake were both involved in an intense firefight. As shell casings littered the streets, Jen and Jake can only hope that they would live through the firefight. Thirty minutes later, Police had arrived. While the shooters attempted to escape, some were chased down by incoming Police while others were neutralized by the SWAT Team. Emma happened to be on the losing side. Before her assailant could finish her off, he was tasered from behind. Emma held her side as she tried catch her breath. Both Jake and Jen were wounded. As they were treated in a nearby Ambulance, Emma soon found herself confronted by Officer Walker and his partner Officer Keeter, the two she saw from earlier that day. She and her friends were not getting arrested, but Detective Gardner wanted to speak with them. For the man who assaulted Emma, a letter was found on his back pocket; it was a letter from Elise.

My dear Emma,

If you are reading this, I have your sister. No doubt you're out looking for her and survived that attack. However, you must understand something, my dear. Your sister took my child from me six months ago. Yes...I survived that car crash that killed your brother-in-law. Clearly, I deserve better then to lose my baby...Your Sister's time is running short...Better hurry. The clock is ticking.

Elise Belizaire

Emma's sadness soon turned into anger. She handed the letter back to Gardner. After speaking with the Detective, she and her friends left the scene. While on the freeway, Jake texted her the address of the Belizaire Home. She texted both her friends. 'Ride or Die?'

They both replied. 'Ride or Die.'

Around 4pm, a Mazda RX-7, Dodge Charger and Nissan Skyline GTR can be seen racing down the freeway. The trio were narrowly able to avoid Police hotspots. This rescue mission was now personal for Emma...


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