Sleeping Secrets
Author: Vincent Lamperouge

Chapter 6
À l'intérieur

Alexis was woken up by a strong contraction. Sadly, the place she woke up in was not her home. As she placed one hand over her stomach, she looked around her. The room was dark, but not necessarily pitch black. Shining into the room through a large window of the roof, which shed some light. She was inside an attic, on a single bed. When more of the moonlight lit the room, she saw a lot of boxes. Sadly, it was still too dark for her to find the entrance to the attic. Even if she did, Alexis wouldn't be able to escape, as her kidnappers would probably have the house secure. Soon, the entrance to the attic opened. Alexis froze in fear. She held her belly protectively as she slowly started breathing heavily. The cloaked figure that attacked her a few weeks ago came walking into the attic. Although she took the hood off, it was difficult to see the face, as the room was dark. While the moonlight shined on her body, the woman's face was still concealed by the darkness. The woman then placed her hand on Alexis' belly, which left her frightened. However, she was frozen and couldn't move. "Its a girl...Mine was a boy..."

"What does this have to do with me?" Alexis asked fearfully.

The woman stepped into the light. It was Elise Belizaire, the woman who she had gotten into a car accident with seven months ago. At the time of the accident, Elise too was pregnant, but suffered a miscarriage as a result. However, she did also widow Alexis, but still wanted revenge as her baby had been taken from her and she held Alexis responsible for her miscarriage. It was clear that Elise was intending to take Alexis' baby, which frightened her even more. For the first time during pregnancy, Alexis has never felt so truly afraid. Although there were times that she was attacked by muggers and would-be rapists, they would always get beaten to a pulp by Emma. Unfortunately, this was an abduction and Emma was kept from helping her. As she continued to hold her belly, Elise came down to her knees and started caressing it, much to her discomfort and fear. Alexis felt unsafe, and worried for the safety of herself and her unborn baby. She even put her ear next to it to see if she can hear the baby. After spending some time making Alexis feel uncomfortable because she kept touching, holding and pressing her stomach, Elise put an Ankle Bracelet, to discourage her from making any escape attempts. Soon, Elise's husband, Mr. Belizaire, came upstairs, wearing scrubs, a mask, glasses and a white lab coat. "According to Hospital Records, you're due in two weeks...Enjoy your last two weeks while you can...As after you give birth, you will pay for what you have done to my wife..." he said coldly as he and Elise went downstairs, locking up the attic behind them. As she started feeling more contractions, she decided to rest, despite feeling frightened and unsafe. She cradled her belly, both worried for herself and scared for her baby. "Emma...If you can hear me, I need your help..." she cried.

Downstairs, Elise and Mr. Belizaire were deciding on how to let Alexis deliver before killing her. While Elise wanted to perform a C-Section, taking advantage of Alexis' Aichmophobia, as she wanted to make her suffer. Mr. Belizaire on the other hand, thought that Alexis should have a natural birth, as she was going to die anyway and there would be too much evidence to clean up in order to evade the Police, as little did they know, Emma had filed a missing person report and was now out searching for Alexis. While in the attic, Alexis didn't have very much to do then rub, hold and press on her stomach, which she did not mind as she wanted to bond with her unborn child.  Alexis then began feeling exhausted and ended up falling into a deep sleep. When Elise peaked up, she noticed that Alexis had fallen asleep. She gave a sadistic smile before going back downstairs. "Now I know this woman has a younger sister. No doubt the little girl is going to go out looking for her because of her condition. Should I send someone to take care of the girl?" Elise asked her husband.

"No. Let them capture her...Let her see what is going to happen to her sister...Oh, when do you want me to induce her? Or do you want to wait for her to reach full term, perhaps go overdue, then induce her?" he asked, going over their plan.

"Don't touch her...If she goes into labor, let me know immediately. So I...Can deliver the baby. Then we kill her." Elise replied.

Elise picks up her home phone and makes a phone call.


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