Day dreaming
Author: maggey

Chapter 2
On the long LONG long journey to Harley

" yeah my uncle and untie are so funny they are so understanding to everyone." Sam reannounsed.
" Mary are you okay we have been driving for three hours and you haven't actually said anything?"sarah questioned.
" um no actually I'm not I um, um don't worry sorry I will speak I have a lot on my mind at the mommet." she murmured and look out of the window at the the beautiful country side.
" hey Sam can u please pot some music on?" Paul asked.
" yeah sure ." Sam boomed.
While Sam pot on some music paul was talking to the two beautiful young ladys when there was a sudden brake to the truck.

" SAM why did u do that?" Mary shouted. As mary shouted all four members of the truck looked out of the windows of the and saw three beautiful white little rabbits hopping across the road.
" well done Sam." Paul congratulated and they sat and watched the little rabbit hopping across the cobblestone road in to the distance of the woodland.

Sam carried on driving for a further three and a half hours when they finally reached Harley.
" guys were here welcome to Harley." Sam happily Announsed.
" so Sam what are your uncle and aunties names?" Mary asked
" they are called mark and Beth." Sam quickly replied while turning in to a road called PARKER LANE.


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