Day dreaming
Author: maggey

Chapter 1
Everyone is very existed

Hey Sam wake up it seven. If you want to get to Harley today you better get up now.
" ok Paul I'm a wake. So are the girls up yet or just you ?" Sam asked quietly, just in case the girls were still asleep.
" yes the girls are up they are dressed and now there eating pancakes and
Lemon . So if you hurry up you can come and have some with us." paul replied quickly and moved over and stod I'm the oak door frame of Paul's room.
" Ok I am going to get up now and take a shower then I will be with you ok ?" Sam Responded and moved over to his closet and got a new change of clothes.
" ok I will see you down stairs in like ten minutes .but please hurry up we have to leave here before eight " paul quoted,then left the room.

" girls sam is just taking a shower then he will be down but how are you both this morning ? your both looking great." Paul announsed.
" thank you Paul your so kind." Sarah admitted.
" Hey good morning girls you looking more beautiful then ever. Paul is there any food for me or are we just going to stop and have lunch on route ?" Sam stated and walked in to the kitchen.
" Sam there is some pancakes over here if you want some ?" Mary murmured.
" ok thanks Mary ." Sam replied
After breckfast everybody got the bags and pot them in the truck and of they went on there long drive to Harley.
" so Sam is you ancle and auntie nice or are they borring and never do anything " asked Sarah while cuddling Paul.
" my uncle and auntie are proberly the funest people I know besides you guys. They live in a small cottage on a road called ...........


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