A Game of Chance [A Hunger Games Fanfiction]
Author: Phoenix Summers

Chapter 13
Training Day Three- Private Sessions

I am running; running, but with nowhere to hide. I am like a weak seven year old- I stumble, and pick myself up, tears streaming down my face. My ankle twinges with a sharp pain, but I cannot stop. If I do, the mutts will attack me.

They are behind me at the moment, but are steadily drawing closer. Their tounges stick out in anticipation of their new meal...

I trip, landing flat on my face. Screaming, I attempt to stand but am overwhelmed by the mutts as they all pile onto me, snarling...

I wake up, drenched in my own sweat. I've been having these sort of dreams each night. It is the only kind of weakness that I have experienced about the games. A shake it off impatiently. I'm a career, aren't I? I'll get all the sponsors. But I have a lingering unease that dissatisfies me.

A few hours later, I am standing in the training room for the final time with my fellow allies, as the head instructor drones on about what will happen today.

We will have our private training sessions this morning, then in the afternoon we will be preparing for the interviews. The results will be announced at the beginning of the interviews, before us tributes are actually interviewed. She then reads out the order that we will have our private training sessions, and interviews in.

I am first in both.

When she finishes, she tells us to sit in a small room with 24 chairs until we are called. I sit down, looking around smugly at the outline district tributes, of whom all are scared apart from Rosabelle, who is only a little, and Troy, who is obviously trying not to laugh at the tension in the room. He looks at me, and I smile a tight lipped smile.

I feel a nudge on my shoulder from beside me, and turn in astonishment to see Damon sitting by me. He nods slightly and whispers "good luck". Trying not to show my surprise at his lack of sarcasm, I wish him luck back.

Suddenly, there is a beep, and all the other tributes shut up. In the silence that follows you could hear a penny drop. A male voice then says "Diamond Taras, District One, please enter for your private training session."

I replace my 'bored face' look with a smirk, and stand up. The rest of my allies, excluding Damon and Troy look at me encouragingly, but I raise an eyebrow at them. I don't need their encouragement; I am not nearly as weak as they think I am.

As I enter, I debate over what score I'd like to get in the games. Usually, all the tributes are marked with aaa score out of a hundred, and I have no reason to believe that this year is any different. I decide that I will not accept anything over 95, and shall only be happy if I score a full hundred. I then go over what I am going to do in my private training session. By the time I've gone over this, I have arrived at the training room.

I enter, and flash a grin at the Gamemakers. Some nod approvingly, and others lean in closer to watch. I have caught their attention, which can't be a bad thing. In fact, this is good because they will be able to watch me as I use my career skills.

To begin with I run up to a dummy, grab its neck and flip over it, tearing its head off. On any tribute, that would have broken their neck.

I land in a crouched position, then stand up slowly, looking around, as if checking for danger. I make my eyes lock on one of the holographic people, as if they are another tribute; and they are my target. Sprinting, a grab a set of knives and chuck a few at the now fleeing 'tribute'. One hits their brain, another their ankle, and the final knife hits directly into their heart.

There are more holograms of tributes now. One that takes the form of Troy starts to rush at me, but I dispach it with an ease that shocks even me. Other holograms rush at me in the form of my allies, and I 'kill' them, laughing. Surely, by now, the holograms should be able to tell that I don't care at all for the welfare of my allies?

Suddenly two tribute comes forward, and I swallow. They are Hunter and Damon, my fellow district partners. My gaze follows their movements, as I figure out their style of attack. My eyes narrow. I would be able to take out Hunter or Damon on their own, but not working together. I compilate a different plan, before deciding that I will use it. My biggest talent.

Focusing my stare on 'Hunter', I call out, "Where's your mummy gone, Hun? Oh dear, she isn't here, is she? Because she died last year, didn't she? Awww, poor you, not having your simple-minded mummy around anymore. No wonder you turned out a weakling. You just take aft-"

'Hunter' rushes at me with a scream. Damon tries to follow, but by the time he arrives, I am ready for him and the Hunter hologram is dead. I hestate when I see the hologram's eyes, exactly the same deep brown as Damon's. 'Damon' runs forward, and attempts to chop my arm off, but I duck as quick as a snake, and chop off both its feet. I then use its dagger to stab it in where its heart should be. It fades, as with the other holograms, and I bite back my sigh of annoyance. This mistake could have cost me a decent score, and therefore made me lose potential sponsors.

Instead of groaning, I smirk at the gamemakers then leave the training room, without being dismissed. When outside, I groan out loud, slightly ashamed of myself. My resolve returns after; I will impress in that interview, no matter what. Even if I have to play dirty to make sure that I am the best.


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