A Game of Chance [A Hunger Games Fanfiction]
Author: Phoenix Summers

Chapter 12
Training Day Two

The next day, when I reach the training room, I do not feel the same awe upon seeing it as I did yesterday. I am pleased by this, as my awe is a weakness that I do not want the Gamemakers to know about.

It does not take long for my Allies to arrive today. Damon and I are the first to arrive, followed by Neleesha, Damon-Lee, then Rosabelle, and finally Blaze. All the districts assemble, apart from one. District 6 has not appeared yet. I scan around for other potential alliences, but I cannot see any major ones, yet.  The most worrying, at the moment is the alliance from District 8. All four of the tributes appear to have teamed up.

Finally, the head trainer arrives. She regards us then explains the schedule for today. "You already know the times, I shouldn't have to explain those to you. We have decided to .... mix up the districts slightly. You will not be able to train with all the districts." I raise an eyebrow. I was expecting to be mixed up today, but I thought that we would be able to go with all the districts, if separately.

She continues, "Districts one, three, five, six, eight, ten, and twelve shall be training together this morning. Therefore, districts two, four, seven, nine and eleven will be training together. Then it will be time for lunch. In the afternoon, you may train with every other district in your alliance. This will also be a time to form alliances. Good luck." 

She walks away, leaving us all in silence. I feel jubilant, as our district is paired with district 10. This will give me a chance to try and pursuade Troy to join our allience. As if by unspoken agreement, Damon and I head over to the swords area in our section. I figure that Troy will come here as he looks just the build for sword fighting.

Sure enough, after around ten minutes Troy comes over, whistling. He picks up a sword, and starts hacking at a dummy. I note that he has a precise technique. He has done this before. I am surprised at this, as his district is livestock.

I pick up my favourite sword, and wander over. Casually, I ask, "Duel with me?" He looks up, then gives a sharp nod. I grin, and make my way over to the ring in the centre of our section. He follows. Several tributes gather around, more out of curiousity than anything else. Out of the corner of my eye I can see the gamemakers also watching. It is not often that a tribute from district 1 fights a tribute from an outline district.

I ready myself, and Troy does the same. We are allowed to slightly maim each other, so long as we don't cause any serious damage.

My brain whirrs at a tremendous speed as I contiplate how I can use my skills to my advantage. My hidden skill... No, that would never do. I'm trying to recruit him as an ally, not scare him off. My gaze briefly rests on his leg as he shifts his weight. I look away to the other tributes. He has a limp. I smile inside, realising that I can use this to my advantage.

He is the first to make a move. Yelling, he brings his sword down to my head. I dodge, then strike out in retaliation, nicking him on the arm. Blood trickles from the shallow cut, enraging him. He aims his sword at my hand. Sharply, I move it out of the way, then kick him in his bad knee. He cries out, falling to a kneelling position.

Things move on very quickly after that. I press my sword against his throat, drawing a small line of blood. He gags, then submits. I smile, remove my sword, and help him up. He winces, shaking his head. I survey him. "Not bad" I say. "You could be a bit quicker.... Allies?"

Smirking, he brushes himself off. "Maybe later" he replies, then walks off. I glare at his back, but restrain myself from going after him. I figure that he'll come round sometime.

Lunch passes quickly, as does the afternoon. I train with my alliance, shaking off requests from people to be in our alliance. I watch Troy but he doesn't make any move to comfirm an alliance. What annoys me is that he is undermiming my authority as leader of the career pack, and the is nothing that I can do about it. It is his choice, after all.

In the last five minutes, I give up hope, and practice throwing knives, which I enjoy. I imagine that each target is Troy's head. Unsurprisingly, each knife finds its exact mark.

I hear a throat being cleared behind me, and turn to see Troy. I get ready to scowl at him, but the knowledge that he still hasn't comfirmed or turned down an alliance stops me.

He inclines his head at me slightly, then speaks in a clear, strong voice."I accept your offer". He then turns and moves away. I stare at his receding back, and narrow my eyes.

I don't trust him. Not a single bit.


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